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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

* Totaling It All Up: Station 20 West and Eight Cows

Diagram of Station 20 West

We definitely have bought a few bricks and few cows.

In seven months of since I had the idea and asked lots of people to help and for ideas from everyone that I meet how to make it work, we collectively have purchased:
  • 8 cows plus
  • and raised $452.97 for Station 20 West

The Station 20 West had the possibility of doubling your contribution - one match up to $300 from Lorraine and Tim and the $452.97 match from an anonymous donor, for a total of $1205.94.

The grand total raised (including matches) is $3605.94.

These totals built by our "small" efforts together boggle my mind. For the folks who receive the cow, this is no small thing. It is trans formative. For Station 20 West, tthis will definitely be a help in their campaign to raise funds for the project.

Thanks everyone making this happen.

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