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Saturday, November 22, 2008

* We Have Elsie in the Barn (#11) and Here Comes Bubbles (#12)

Bubbles - cow #12

We just finished raising enough dollars for Elsie, cow #11. Elsie seemed to have good karma so I used that name first.

Elsie was suggested by three people -- Mona in honor of her daughter, Frank for a famous historical cow, and from Beth, the skinny niece, of Hugh MacIvain.

Bubbles suggested by Laurel from Vancouver is up next. Those brown spots around the cow are bubbles from a "milk" chocolate Aero bar.

Cow Names Continue to Pour In

Greg from Estevan
- Helga is a great name for a cow. Means Holy. And in some parts of the world that is exactly true. Besides, I have great memories of a certain young Helga who was a riot to milk

Sabrina from Washington, DC
- chocolate milk, cowcow (my friend the dairy farmer uses this one all purpose name), coco or koko

Susan from Saskatoon
- Bessie, in honor of my step-grandmother


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