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Saturday, December 6, 2008

* A Big Mooo for Nancy: A Lover of Retro Chairs

Pint Sized Green Chairs for Kid's Kitchen Play Area
Pint sized retro chairs - about 2 feet high

Kijiji is wonderful in so many ways for Giving Small. First, posting a classified ad is free so it makes a virtual cow garage sale possible. Secondly we get to meet great people, some of whom catch the "giving small" spirit. Nancy was one of those people. She came by to pick something up and we chatted about the cow project and she said she might have some things for the cow.

About three weeks later, Nancy emailed to say she had some chairs and things. I said "I'd love them" with a few milk drops of some trepidation -- I had 6 "so-so" chairs that I couldn't sell 2 months. Secondly, I knew my space was limited - I was going to have up using Urve's garage when the snow fell which given it was mid-November was overdue.

So acting on trust that the universe would only send me good things for cow -- after all cow karma has to count to towards something -- I drove over to Nancy's to see an array of unique and wonderful furniture on her lawn.

I don't really know how Nancy, her husband and I got all of the chairs and tables and other things in the van, but we did. You see Nancy is passionate about retro chairs and has some wonderful older 1960's items. About half of the items she gave me were snapped up immediately and I still have a few. Part of me wants to keep the green chairs (so cute) but they are for the "cow" and I wouldn't want to attract any bad karma.

The photo above shows the "pint" sized green chairs, child-sized chairs that probably went with a minature arborite topped kitchen table that were in vogue for kids in the 70's and 80's. Have a niece or a nephew? Child or grandchild? These small green chairs are STILL AVAILABLE for "Best Offer". This could be a very unique Christmas gift.

Some of the other retro chairs available are:

Two Blue Chairs with Chrome
Tall Stool

Check out all the Virtual Cow Sale Items on Kijiji.

Nancy's donations to the garage sale have funded about a quarter of a cow - pretty moo-valous! Thanks Nancy. Keep on spreading the word about the cow to friends, coworkers and family.

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