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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

* Cow-munity Pulls out the Stops in December

Receipt for cow and loom

Receipt for cow and loom for a weaver in Ecuador

So with this purchase marks the addition of Coco to our fine herd of dairy cows. Coco can be for cocoa made with chocolate and milk or Coco Channel, a cow with class? Coco was a popular cow name suggested by Jim and Jane Dysart in Toronto, Sabrina in Washington DC and Celeste in Saskatoon.

Together we have done each contributed many big and small acts of generosity resulting in some amazing gifting and hope for new lives for families. Special thanks to Felix for sharing the word "cowmunity" which he saw on the back of German chocolate written in German and starting with kuh for cow. (For a wee bit of fun, visit their site and click on the cow and doorbell.) That's what we've become -- a cowmunity. Here's what we bought next:

  • beehives for 3 families in Egypt
  • goats for 4 families in Bangladesh
  • 2 chickens and rooster for a family in Mozambique
  • pigs for 2 families in Mozambique
  • cows for 2 families in Bangladesh
  • farming tools and seeds for a family in the Sudan
  • small business support in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Honduras
  • training for youth in Haiti

Receipt for cow, goats, beehive, training, seeds sudan etc.

Receipt for cow, beehives, goats, pigs, farming tools, small business support and skills training. Note: 2 goats, 2 beehives and 1 goat where pledged and donated by wonderful neighbor and friend Urve - I hit her up for one beehive, what can I say? Persuasive or what? The truth is Urve is generous and supports lots of wonderful projects.

In this batch of animals was cow #14 - yes #14! This cow has a Scandinavian name -- Inger which means beautiful. I know there's a story behind the names Gord suggested which included Inger but he opened the cow kimino to tell it yet.


In total we had $1407.48 pledged and donated and collected in December from personal gifts, virtual cow sales, recycling bottles and cans, Canadian Tire money, cash donations, coupon trading,and Shopper's Optimum Points.

For those of you that enjoy the nitty gritty details, here's how it breaks down.

ActivityAmount Raised
Kijiji Virtual Garage Sales$676.75
Cash Donations$362.94
Bottles and Cans$199.94
Canadian Tire Money and Optimum Points$167.85
Coupon Trading$8.40

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