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Friday, December 19, 2008

* Heart Warming Moments on the Cow Trail

You iz a cumfy kitteh

Photo by AussieGold via Flickr

It's been a month of truly wonderful and remarkable events on the cow trail. Something about this adventure reminds me of the rail travelogues by Paul Theroux, in particular, The Iron Rooster and The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas. Paul describes in detail the exotic locales, people, sites and sounds. In my case, it's like a train of people, each with their own stories and a train of things, each destined to move from one owner to the next that pass through my life. It's all connected together by Giving Small so a family can have a cow.

Just like on Paul's travels there are moments that stand out. Sometimes it's about the people and sometimes it's about the heightened senses when one takes a risk by venturing off the beaten path and sometimes it's a special object.

I wanted to share a few vignettes of the special moments with you. There's so many that your ears would fall off if I told them all.

One of wonderful moments that stand out this month is a pancake breakfast with Tess. Tess recently moved to Saskatoon with her with her family from the Philippines. I met Tess in August through Kijiji and we talked about the cow. She recently emailed to say she had $32.45 from bottles the cow (moo-valous) and would I like to come over for pancakes? I was really touched - here's someone I had talked to a bit and had a couple of emails and I was invited into their home. I've wanted to talk to Tess, learn more about her journey to Canada and why the cow resonates with her, so off I went to see her new home and her new livelihood - she's started a licensed daycare - it's beautiful area that's she set up. It was interesting how our lives had so many parallels even though we grew up on opposite sides of the world. I'm looking forward to more breakfasts (she makes awesome pancakes)!!! and great conversations.

Another special moment was when a colleague and good friend Sabrina from Washington DC, who posted on her blog last month about the cow project, not just any blog but a very widely read one. Recently Sabrina contributed $100 towards the livelihood gifts and designated some of it for a goat. Sabrina -- you're moo-rific. Thanks for you support and encouragement on so many levels.

Whenever I try something new, like the Shopper's Bonus points "tell a friend", I have butterflies - is it too far off the cow path? Will it work? I'm a believer in what Dr.Linus Pauling once said, "“The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas. .." The trouble is along the way you also have some pretty bad ideas too. This time it was Patrick from the Archives who gave me a big boost by replying to my Shopper's invitation and persevering as we worked out a hiccup. We still have to sort out getting our bonus for being Shopper's BFF but I was moo'ved by his willingness to help out. Patrick is a source of great cow money raising ideas some of which involve beer and other beverages - stay tuned for those in the New Year.

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