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Saturday, December 20, 2008

* Hip Hip Mooo-ray for Livelihood Gifts

Supercow gets her Mickey ears!

Supercow gets her Mickey ears! - Photo by Huro Kitty via Flickr

The Giving Small project definitely has legs this month, almost as many as centipede. So many people are helping out. We have raised and pledged $1108.34 since December 1. All the livelihood gifts are $1650 so we may just make it.

This first week of December started off on a roll with Kate and Murray popping by to purchase something from the virtual cow sale, contribute their penny jar, drop off 2 big bags of bottles. This felt like winning the lottery as Kate pledged to support the Weaver in Peru, too.

As always Kate arrived when I was having a moment of doubt - should I have asked people to make a pledge / contribute one of the livelihood gifts like I did? Was this okay or not okay? Thanks to Kate's pledge, I plunged in and starting asking others to pledge and my neighbor Urve, a Street Cat Rescue champion, agreed to do 2 beehives. By the middle of December she more than doubled her offer and bought 2 goats and pig as well as the 2 beehives.

The virtual garage sale got a huge boost from two donors. Amy, who is moving to New Zealand, contributed left over items from her moving sale. Some of her things have gone to an Aids Cloting Depot but she has many items such as beautiful Ikea prints, oodles of kitchenware things, candles, paper and office supplies, cork bulletin board etc that are selling well. Thanks Amy - you're moorific.

Joanne was another big virtual cow donor - also on the move but just within the city so again lots of household things, toys, books and more. Joanne and I discussed having the funds raised go towards the "pig" so I definitely think we have helped give a oink oink here and a oink oink there as well as a bit of moo. Thanks for your support Joanne - you're moo-valous.

I think we can say that we've has earned our Mickey ears.

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