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Monday, December 15, 2008

* How will Coupons, Points and Canadian Tire Money help Give a Cow?

Fruit Loops Coupon, 1964

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Fruit Loops Coupon, 1964

This is a great question. Many of the Canadian cow supporters received an email from me about the Shopper's Optimum "Tell a Friend" bonus points weekend and some of you are wondering how will this work in practice.

Basically any points earned through this event or other similar promotions, I will earmark for the "cow". So the cow has 15,000 optimum points (sitting my account ... we can't really create an account for Elsie or Bubbles :-) so I'll need to keep track).

Updated Simpler Optimum Approach -December 30, 2009

All points in my Optimum account including what I earn personally for shopping will be in the pot for the cow. So there's no need to keep track of what's mine or what's the cow's. So all my card's points are the cow project.

Ideally we convert points to rewards when the cow accumulates 75,000 points. At that point someone(s) have to use up the head over to Shopper's and collect $150 of stuff and check out redeeming the "cow" reward points.

Say it's 3 people who each got $50 of stuff (no cash was given to the cashier) as I used the cow "redemption points". I would ask each of these people to pay me the cash for their purchases so I have put the cash towards the cow.

In some instances we may be doing a "local" giving-small activity, where we can simply purchase groceries, shampoo or diapers to drop off at the local charity/agency.

It might be simpler to use the Cow Optimum Points for a local charity but either is doable than rounding up people to "shop" at the same time but we'll see what works. So far I have one person who buys a lot at Shopper's who is willing to help out the cow by going with me and using the cow redemption points at the cashier from the "cow" card and then providing us with the cash to purchase the cow.

How Can You Help Out?

So do you shop have Shoppers Optimum points you don't care about? Or have you not bothered to collect because you'd never get to 75,000 or you find it pointless? Please pick up or show your card the next time you pay at Shopper's. The card is free and instantaneous to get. Start collecting. Tip - they can add your card number at the pharmacy prescriptions one time so it's used everytime without having to show it.

Every few months you can transfer the points to the cow card account with a couple of clicks. This is one of the real nice features of the Shopper's Drug Mart program - you can transfer your points to anyone and there's no fee.

The following table shows the more you collect the better the reward deal.

Shoppers Drug Mart Reward Schedule

Points Required Reward
7000 $10
15000 $25
30000 $55
40000 $75
75000 $150

Update on the Optimum Points "Refer a Friend"

Three people joined up as friends by clicking the invite link. Thank you - you're moo-valous to do this. We have contributed 15,000 points to the cow. If we converted TODAY, we made $25.00 just by doing what we were going to do - buy $20 of stuff at Shopper's. How much is $25.00? It's 250 bottles - that's like 3 big garbage bags of bottles. We definitely made hay!

This good news is this was a win-win. Each person who became a friend, also got 5,000 bonus points for filling in 3 fields on the Shopper's Optimum site and completing their shop - so kinda like getting paid $7.50 for going to Shopper's to help the cow :-).

What about Canadian Tire (CT) money

Now I know some people hoard their Canadian tire money and dream of buying a new snow blower. Keep saving. Others find it a bit of nuisance -- forget it in the car or in the drawer. So why not drop it off for the cow if you're not saving for your dream home?

I'll work the CT money the same way as the Shopper's redemption. I'll find someone who is going to buy something at Canadian Tire, pay with the cow's CT money and ask the person to give me the real money they would have given the cashier so we can buy cows. Again if we're working on a local charity - say Habitat for Humanity we could buy a sink, toilet, shower .. or what the heck a snow blower for them.

What about Coupons?

Coupons are still the great unknown but I'm starting to experiment with them. There is an incredibly huge and active online community of freebie, deal hunters and coupon users. And they trade coupons actively and they will trade coupons for Canadian Tire money, Shopper's Drug Mart points and stamps.

In a micro-giving economy of Giving Small, coupons might work. It remains to be seen how much work they'll be and how much gain. Basically I hope you help me to collect coupons (especially those ones off cereal boxes and Pizza Pops etc that say "try this product free" or Buy One Get One Free as well as any others you come across. I'll try to trade the coupons to bargain hunters for a percentage of the coupon value for Canadian Tire money, points etc.

The pluses of coupons for me are they're smaller than bottles and take up much less room than garage sale items. I could probably get 1000 coupons and still have room in my garage LOL. At this moment in time I can't see my ping pong table at all due to piles of books (many healing and new age related titles by the way), some great children's books, CDs and a wack of household stuff.

Have a Micro Giving Idea

Do you know another way that small actions could help fund the cow? Let us know.

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