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Sunday, December 14, 2008

* Q: Why Did the Cow, the Lama and the Goat Race across the Road?

A: They didn't want to get creamed!

Think you can come up with a better cow joke or story? Please share it with us all by clicking on comment link below this post.

Speaking of stories, I sent a link to the cow blog to my friend in Kathy in New Jersey. After all living in a state named after such a fine breed of cows, I was optimistic she might be sympatico with cows and recyclying. Turns out she's mad about recycling and picks up bottles where ever she spots them too and writes: "Crazy! Here in NJ, tho, it all goes thro municipal and we can’t turn stuff in for $$. (too bad; I’d be rich!)"

Kathy also had some pretty unique giving stories and she's agreed to let me share them with you - perhaps it'll spark some gift giving idea of your own. We still have pig that's could use a pledge towards its purchase.

Heifer Int’l is my fav charity, and it’s much like the one you’re working with. ( I just love it. A few yrs back, I was having a big 40th bd party for myself. I knew people would feel obligated to do gifts but I did NOT want any more STUFF, esp stuff from (well-meaning) folks who had no idea what I’d like or use. So in my invites I said that, IF they wanted to give, I WANTED A GOAT FOR MY BDAY. in lieu of gifts, I asked, pls donate to Heifer in my name, to get a goat. To me, goats seemed the most super-useful animals, plus I’m a Capricorn and so if this was for my bday, I had to make it a goat.

Goats and Kathy Look Over the Fence

(CC) Goats in this photo from incurable hippie

I didn’t expect much to happen; figured I’d get maybe half a goat (think it was $125). Imagine my surprise when I ended up getting 2.5 goats for my bday!!!! My husband did one (he was afraid I’d be crushed if nobody did anything); another couple bought one, and other donated bits & pieces that added up to another half. I was “over the moooo-n” as you might say. ;->

A couple yrs later, a very environmental / global friend was getting married. (in fact you know her – Betsy, my former editor, my former editor on CIL) she is BIG into not having STUFF that sits around, so for her wedding we gifted them a llama from Heifer. They were shocked but once they learned about it, thought it was really cool. And were happy not to have a 12th set of unnecessary glassware that would gather dust.

So those are my giving stories.

Have a gifting story or a cow story of your own? Not sure what to buy the "hard to buy for person for Christmas", try a lama. Oxfam New Zealand has donkeys that you can buy. Ain't the Internet grand?

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