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Saturday, June 21, 2008

* Love that Money in the Mail - Moovalous!!

cash cow

Cliff Dix Jr's photo via Flickr
Creative Commons license

3rd week of June

I don't usually get a happy feeling opening inter-office print mail. Most of it is flyers or newsletters. Anyone else notice that inter-office mail can just sit there these days -- quite a change from 10 years ago.

But one thing that does still arrive in the mail is money. I had a wonderful surprising week - a check arrived for best article in journal for the article Elise and I wrote - this totally floored me. I'll need to give some of this unexpected prize money to the cow.

But even better, there was a note from Frank (who has been known to wear a stylish cow scarf) and Diane with $7.00 from their latest recycling returns. Don't know why money in the mail feels so great - maybe it's because the other thing that frequently comes in the mail is bills.

Mooing all the way to the barn (bank)!

Thanks Frank and Diane.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

* Bottles, Cans and Found Money - June 20

loonie coin

Photo via Flickr - (cc) Rising Loonie by jaypeg21.

It's been a whirlwind of family, work and cow fundraising. This is the first in a series of catch up posts about my cow fun - raising adventures.

Paul Starr has been telling me to look for money on the ground ... look down he says. His lucky streak with finding money started as a young child with a trip to the seashore when we found a hefty sum in the sand. Paul's incredibly lucky at finding money. Me, I'm happy if I spot a penny. I seem to spot bottles and cans so I told Paul that any money that he finds, goes to the cow and I'd stick to bottles - seems like a good deal to me! :-)

Vicki also has a knack for finding money. Sure enough, while walking Zac Vicki found 8 loonies on the ground. That's right 8!

When she told me the story, I immediately exclaimed - "it's for the cow, right"? :-) It's "found money". Vicki turned over the gold coins and the cow campaign just got a boost. That's like 80 bottles in one fell swoop.

Have you found any money lately -- pop it in the mail to me for the cow!! Earn karma and cow points.

Thanks Vicki - I hope this $8 attracts even more $$$.

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* Advertising and Cows -- How Could I Forget "Skinny Cow"?

Persuasion: Print Advertising and Advocacy on the Prairies

Persuasion: Print Advertising and Advocacy on the Prairies site launch was on Thursday afternoon at the Snelgrove Gallery. The launch included a fun quiz about advertising directed at three panelists. In spite of my lack of awareness of pop culture and advertising I was included on the panel. I really feel that I let cows down when we were asked what product has an animal mascot and I didn't recall Skinny Cow ice cream bars.

Skinny Cow

Neil Richards went to a lot of effort provide background and context and show the contributions to advertising and the role of advertising on the prairies. Craig Harkema worked with Neil to provide ways to explore and discover materials on the site.

The Persuasion project team decided that the Perrier and coke bottles from the launch would be contributed to the cow project. Thanks Tim, Cheryl, Neil, Connie and Craig.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

* Mark and Rona from Australia Help with "Give a Cow"

Mark and Rona from Australia Help with Give a Cow

Rona adds a bottle to the "Give a Cow" collection. The box Mark is holding onto is from an Australian winery. They posed in front of one of Paul Starr's painting of Australia. Can't get much more Australian without being in Australia!

Thanks Mark and Rona - it was wonderful to meet you and you're both moo-valous!

* I Was Very Mooo-ved Today - More Cow Goodness

Give a Cow Needlepoint

Today my friend Jane arrived with this handcrafted needlepoint gift for me. It's prominently displayed in my office and makes me smile. She has been working on this "surprise" for a while and dropping the odd hint. I was so surprised and delighted.

Turns out she finally had time to finish it because Doug was working to the wee wee hours of the morning on the launch of the our digital project site. (Oops, funny how things work out.)

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* Cow Fairy Leaves Bottles and Cans on My Door Step

Cow Fairy Leaves Bottles and Cans on My Step

On Wednesday I arrived home to see a some wonderful group of bags on my front step -- more contributions towards the cow project. This added $15.50 to the cow bank.

Thanks, Gord and Lorraine. You're moo-rific!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

* Help from the East Coast of Canada

My friend Elizabeth rallied her troops in Fredriction, NB and they collected $21.50 in cans and bottles. Their contribution of $21.50 represents 410 pop cans/bottles, 10 liquor bottles, and 1 beer bottle. Elizabeth hastened to add that "This is **not** representative of my weekend consumption!"

Fredriction Recycling Depot

7:45 a.m. on Wednesday morning in downtown Fredericton...the shopping carts are from the walking contributors to recycling. As there is only one processing line, they line up in the queue with the cars.

Elizabeth's contribution arrived just in nick of time with the 5 week deadline looming over my shoulder.

She left a comment on the previous blog post saying:

The cheque for one (or possibly two) cow nostril(s) is in the mail!

And yes Elizabeth, I'm sure we can get a cow with two ears, two nostrils and a tail now thanks to your team of helpers.

In fact your donation coupled with the loads of help from second and third time supporters like ITS, Paul, Vicki and Zac, my chiropractor, Sarah, a fellow freecycler (full circles Saskatoon), and the guys at the Minilube.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

* Time for Some Cowculations

Cow tape measureSo where are we at? We have raised $270.00 since May 5. Woot!1

This includes a ballpark estimate for the bags waiting to go to the depot.

When I started the 2nd cow project on May 5, I had a target date of June 12 to be finished -- 5 weeks. This time round, I had some cash in hand from the first cow (good), but I was unlikely to get any cash donations.

Could we really do it? 3000 bottles in 5 weeks -- 600 bottles per week if there less than a litre. Yikes.

By May 18, we had raised enough for 1/3 of a cow but most of that was the carry over.

We were actually following behind the ambitious goal of 600 bottles per week. Fortunately, Jim showed up with bags of bottles. Whew!!

So in the next week, we need to collect 300 bottles and cans to hit the target.

Come one everyone we can do this!

1 The public has decided that the ultimate word of gaming celebration, "Woot!" should be Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year. - Wired, December 12, 2007.

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* Following Your Heart: It will always "steer" you in the right direction!

'Virginia and Jill hamming it up for the camera

Virginia and Jill hamming it up for the cow project.

Opportunities to get help with the cow project pop up all the time provided you're prepared to take the personal risk of being thought "wacky". As my dear friends say - "We all knew that about you already".

So there I was at an all day planning retreat and I spied juice bottles. So I started telling my story and the next thing I knew, I had two new project helpers - Virginia and Jill. Oh, and a couple of juice bottles take home from the planning meeting.

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* Two Timing Welcomed Here

Mel in a Bowl

Yawn! Cows again. Now if we were talking about milk, fish heads and cream, I'd be excited.
Photo by Kate Hodgson

This past couple of weeks I have had many first time supporters of the cow project chip in with more recyclables: Vicki and Paul, Kate and Murray and her cat in the bowl above, Winnie and Rob, Tim, Cheryl, Kulwant, the folks in the Dean's Office, and ITS.

Cheryl and Tim Modeling Cow Accessories

Cheryl and Tim modeling stylish cow accessories.

Note the shameless self promotion of these archivists, standing in front of the "Archives are Virtually Everywhere" poster.

(You really know who your friends are when they're willing to help you with your "cow" project, dress up in goofy gear, and pose for a picture on a blog. Sure hope we're still friends tomorrow.)

Thanks so much to all the Second-Timers! We are definitely nearing the end of the second cow and we all know what that means.

Please Note Prospective Cow Supporters

A a photo of you is *not* required
. Don't be frightened away and not contribute to the project. It's great to have or a photo of something - your dog, cat, car, favourite book to help liven up the blog when possible.

Of course a song, poetry reading, dance would be lovely.

As I made my rounds today, collecting bottles, my hopes were raised today and dashed quickly. I realized that one of my donors could sing. I was puzzling what songs are about cows, when the person in question pointed out the Arrogant Worms song: "I am cow, here me moo." Stay tuned - who knows what moosic you might hear here.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

* An Udderly Terrific Neighbor

I have to say I was feeling a bit discouraged. I was 3 weeks into the project and had just passed the $120 mark. How in the world cud I reach $300 in two more weeks?

In this case, Cheryl's article in the Buena Vista Newsletter paid off BIG and I mean BIGGER than you could imagine. Jim, from Nutana, technically outside of the BV area received the newsletter and dropped me a note that he had some bottles and cans that he had saved up over the winter for sports team, but no one came.

I offered to pick or he could drop off.

Six bags of bottles

I have to say it felt like Christmas when I saw Jim start to unload bag after bag of bottles. Jim had been collecting for 2 years!!! This was like hitting the jackpot or for a cow falling into a field of clover.

Jim and Darlene and bags of bottles

After Jim had finished the first load, we chatted a bit and he was a bit concerned maybe there were too many - should he take some back? I explained how only at $120 and given his help I might just make $300 in 5 weeks. At that point Jim piped up, that he had more and said he'd do a second run. My eyes lit up and the cow started to take shape before my very eyes! Jim and Pam donated 9 large bags of bottles to the "Give a Cow".

Thanks Jim and Pam -- you are the big moo-ers this time round. You're both udderly terrific and have paid for a head, tail, one leg and the udder, of course and some family's livelihood and life is going to be transformed by this gift.

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* From Rochester to Saskatoon - 3,078 Kilometres to Help Give a Cow

Fred and Suzanne have beat out Jeff Wisniewski from Pittsburgh by 227 kilometres to be the farthest point away from Saskatoon helping Give a Cow.

Fred - the hero

Thanks to Fred and Suzanne for helping to "give a cow". Suzanne describes her adventures into the world of bottle diving as follows:

omg! :) I came in armed wi/ a big bag this morning, ready to dumpster-dive - (and I did some of that) - but I ran into my favorite sanitary engineer guy in the library, and told him what I was up to. Next thing I know, I'm passing him and he says "there's a couple over there... and I left a couple in your office" - and what's in my office is a giant bag, filled to the brim with returnables!!!!
(ps. who needs a whole library when you have Fred-the-Amazing?)

LOL at Suzanne's post - it takes more guts than you think to walk around scooping up bottles and cans.

I asked Suzanne, after the fact, for a photo of her car stuffed to the gills with bottles.

Here's what she wrote:
And I *wish* I had a picture of my car - which is just a tiny VW Golf - with the original bags'o'bottles - they overwhelmed it! Had to put the bigger bag in the back seat, and even then it was a tight squeeze. Dang. I never think (until afterwards) of capturing these things for posterity! I'll ponder it, maybe I can come up with something to represent the situation. ;)

So you'll have to use your imagination .. just steer your mind in the right direction and you can visualize this tiny car full of bottles.

Suzanne with VW Golf

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