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Thursday, July 24, 2008

* Stand out from the Herd and Vote

Cartoon by The StiK about a cow puzzle

Cartoon by The StiK

Okay I have collected ideas and suggestions and it's time to vote for what cause to help out locally.

Right now in the cow coffers we have $38.06 towards Cow #4 and $27.10 towards "Local".

Help Name Cow #4

I wasn't flooded with lots of mail on naming the cow so I've but a few names together to spark your cow imagination.

Advice Wanted from Social Networking Friends

I have kept a low profile about the "cow" project on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed etc. Should I go public with it and add the cow blog entries to "posts" on these sites? Up side - may get more donations. Earl is thinking of writing a "give a cow" app for Facebook. Downside - well people may know just how wacky I am. Do I open my cow kimono and expose all?

Please leave a comment or a cow pun. Special prize for the best comment, quote, quip or joke or piece of advice on "cow" giving. Be Cow-reative.

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* Cow'ing Around - Renewing Old Friendships

Colleen with 2 bags of Pepsi cans

One of the best things about the cow project is a chance to connect with people that I haven't talked to for a while. Colleen is one of those people. I sent her a note about the cow project and she offered to collect bottles. You can tell by the clear bags that Pepsi is the choix du jour in her household.

Colleen's love of Pepsi turned out to be a cash cow - a trip to SARCAN and the cow project has $21.30 towards cow #4. We're moo'ving along nicely.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

* From FullCirclesSaskatoon to Trois Pistoles, PQ to Solar Powered Cows

Cartoon of a cow wearing solar panels and the tagline - solar powered cow by The StiK

Cartoon by The StiK

Two days ago I had an incoming call on Skype (Internet phone client that is wonderful, and free too, for calls between computers) from my daughter Julie who is studying French immersion in Trois Pistoles, Quebec. She was bubbling with excitement and said, "Mom did you see it? They have bottles on FullCirclesSaskatoon - someone is giving them away". Sure enough there was a post from Kristine asking for someone to take away the bottles due to the fact she didn't have time to recycle them.

Wow, I dashed off an email and hoped Kristine like cows. She picked the cow to get 1/2 of her bottles. Moo hoo!! Thanks Kristine.

Kristine and I had never met - she just posted something to the FullCirclesSaskatoon group, sifted through the replies and picked the "cow" to get some of her bottles.

What is FullCirclesSaskatoon? (former group name is FreeCycle Saskatoon

The concept is simple: Keep stuff out of the garbage/landfill.

You don't need it, don't throw it out ~ post it up and gift it to someone. All items have to be FREE! No sales or trades please. Only Freebies!!

This group is open to those living in the Saskatoon area in Saskatchewan, Canada.

You will need a Yahoo account and then click to join the group and send a brief message. It's a great place to give and get stuff: everything from coupons and books, to clothes and xmas ornaments, to bookcases, fridges, stoves, and cars (yep cars, but rarely).

And where does the solar powered cow fit in you might wonder?

I asked Kristine for a funny photo, pic or story re: cows and she sent me this cartoon drawn by The StiK, aka Bill Greenhead, an amazing fun and creative cartooonist who thinks cows are funny animals so has created a ton of cow cartoons. So I looked up World of Cow and discovered 100's of cow cartoons and very funny Bill. I wrote Bill for permission to post and he's given me permission to use his cartoons on the blog. Thanks Bill - you're moor-ific!

If you loved the movie, Wall.E, you need to see his latest cartoon. You can order his 2009 calendar - The World of Cow at or one of his World of Cow books filled with cow jokes: volume 1 or volume 2. These would make a great gift.

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* Moouch Ado About Something: More Wine Bottles for the Cow

Lorraine unloading bottles from the trunk of her car

Yes we did go to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan and had a wonderful time and of course it spawned a new pun. Of course all new supporters are really something!!!! Moor-ific in fact.

This past two weeks has been an exciting time. I have been talking more about the cow project and a "local" project and we're gaining more cow supporters.

Tim Hutchinson, the ever helpful archivist and his wife, Lorraine Salt have passed on a collection of wine bottles, some beer and other odds and sods. Lorraine explained that they didn't have many wine bottles but there were some from their wedding.

Thanks Tim and Lorraine -- and in the spirit of buttering you up to keep you donating (and maybe inspiring others to donate) I'll have to find a way to thank you beyond giving you some of Earl's cheescake. :-) I've heard a rumour that there's some chocolate fans over there.

Are you planning a party? Serving lots of drinks? Think "Give a Cow".

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

* We Did It - Cow #3

receipt for cow #3

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* Familiarity with Cows Not Required to be a Donor

Me in an English field aged 2 (1949). Not a cow to be seen.

"Me in an English field aged 2 (1949). Not a cow to be seen."

Thanks to Peter and Barb for donating bags of bottles for the cow. I had walked over thinking it would be a small bag. Earl and I were loaded down bringing the booty home. Wonder what our neighbors think of all these bags of bottles going in and out.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

* Good Things Come in Threes -- 3 New Donors & the Third Cow

We did it again - we have enough for a third cow! Wonder if cows can do a happy dance?

3 Cows

I've been mentioning Felix and Carol in the last few blog posts. Not only has Carol kept asking me to tell the cow project story to others (which meant more bottles and cans for the cow) but she said that Felix and her wanted to help with the cow and how much more did I need for cow #3? Wow! I knew that I was close to the third cow. Carol handed me $40 and asked if that was enough? I was pretty sure that it was.

I just needed to get out my trusty cowculator (actually a Google spreadsheet). Sure enough, we are at $316.95. We can buy the third cow!

Wonderful things come in three's - three wonderful donations via Felix and Carol that helped moo-ve us along to buy cow #3.

What do we know about the family who gets the cow?

Many people have asked do I know what family or which country. Sorry to say I don't receive any info about the specific family or the specific village. I think maybe they don't do this so they can keep overhead costs down. Here's the details about the program.

You can see the care and thought in this program. Several families in a village receive a cow, training in how to care for and veterinary medicine kit.

Maybe if we give enough cows to help a village, we'll be able to get some info. I wonder how many more cows that might be?

Stay tuned for cow donation stories and the chance to vote for a local cause.

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* Simply Bovine - Jessica Gives Her Bottle Collection

collection of empty Jones bottles

Something about the cow project works for older teens. They relate to cleaning up the environment and helping others and often become dedicated bottle/can donors.

I had dropped in for coffee with Carol and she asked me to tell Jessica, Adrienne and friends about the "cow project". As soon as I finished the story and showed the blog and its photos, Jessica asked, "Do you want my Jones' bottles? They're in my room." I said "sure, that's be great" thinking that maybe she had 4 or 5 in her room. Little did I realize that she was collecting them for a long time. 42+ bottles later, the table was covered. The lids had to come off - each has a fortune under them, hence the need to collect.

bottle caps

Thanks Jessica! This is an awesome contribution - $8.40 cents buys a lot parts of the milk and cheese producer. You're moo-rific!

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* Moo-valous New Donors: Hari and Crystal

head of a cow

-darin- via Flickr Creative Commons license

I often hesitate to talk about the cow project with people I've only met once or twice before. What will they think? So there I was at a barbecue when my friends Felix and Carol asked me to share the story of the cow project to Hari and Crystal.

Hari and Crystal were intrigued by the story (turns out they're very active in the community and are giving their time and talents in many ways). They offered up their collection of bottles and cans, and what a collection it was. It seems that this household does things on a super size scale from bottles and cans to their beautiful and gentle Perenese dog named Caline. As we left the barbecue we followed them home.

Hari had so many bottles saved up that they wouldn't fit in our car. So we loaded up his vehicle and he followed us home. Hari and Crystal were particularly interested in supporting the cow project and I think with their help we have purchased the head, some horns, front legs and maybe a few eyelashes.

Thanks Hari and Crystal - you're moo-valous. We're very close to giving another cow to family who can have a livelihood and support for their family.

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* Keep the Feedback Coming: Last Call

Six legged cow

eleda via Flickr
Creative Commons license

I have received a note from Marilyn in Regina (thanks Marilyn) about a cause to add - she's suggested Habitat for Humanity. That's a great idea especially with the affordable housing crisis.

Other folks (Kate, Chris, Cheryl, ...) like the Station 20 West idea but I'll post a poll for the "local" so people can pick from the final list.

I particularly like Murray's comment that he left on the post ... check it out for yourself.

You'll have to dig back, way back in the early posts, to get the reference to the 6-legged cow!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

* Lend Me Your Ears

What should we do locally?

There are three ideas so far. I like the idea of trying to do a match - whatever we raise is matched by an individual or organization and the amount donated is doubled.

  1. Station 20 West --

    Despite losing provincially committed funding of $8 million for the unique community health and social services centre, the organization is moving forward.

    Station 20 West is looking for folks to help out with fundraising and donate.

    I have a donor who will match all that we raise up to $1000. So if we raise a $1000, they'll put in a $1000, to make the donation $2000.

  2. SCAT Street Cat Rescue Program --
    The Street Cat Rescue promotes the implementation of feral [wild] cat population control through the internationally approved trap/neuter/release (TNR) program. Street kittens are brought into foster homes for socialization and adoption whenever possible.

    Compassionate caregivers work diligently to improve the life of feral colonies by providing aid and comfort, including food, water, shelter and medical care.

    Feral cats deserve our compassion and our protection from cruelty and abuse.

    Matching Contributor Wanted
    If you know someone or an organization that will match what we raise for SCAT, please let me know, even if it's just a part of it.

  3. Spectrum Core Community Services, SCCS Inc. - Under the Rainbow Community Centre umbrella --

    Spectrum was a new organization for me. There tackling tough issues - "programs and services for the relief of poverty, with particular emphasis on the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless" and in particular seniors."

    Matching Contributor Wanted
    If you know someone or an organization that will match what we raise for Spectrum, please let me know, even if it's just a part of it.

Please suggest other groups or causes to the list in the next 2 to 3 days and then I'll set up a poll and ask people to vote, leave comments or email.

Leave a comment here or email me if you'd prefer.

The cows would like to suggest that we carry out this marketing campaign with the funds raised from collecting bottles :

Eat more chicken sign held up by 3 cows

CoWg0eSm0o~! !'s via Flickr
Creative Commons license

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

* My Cow-andry: Can Cows Walk Downstairs?

To do cow #3 or not to do cow #3? Give globally or locally?

If this sounds all to familiar, some Deja Moo perhaps - yep we've had this discussion before.

I had just received the biggest donation ever from Liam who passionately wanted to give it to the cow. But I also had been talking with everyone about ideas for a "local give" campaign.

So on the one hand, there was Liam and his big gift and the people who just like giving cows (like me) and far away friends and supporters that probably aren't that interested in local Saskatoon stuff. On the other hand there were some friends and supporters keen to "go local".

What was I to do? (said in a high pitched squeaky voice).

I was udderly perplexed. Probably how a cow feels the first time they have to go downstairs. Who knows? And no, I don't know if cows can do stairs (or borrow the book by that title to find out the answer). If you do know the answer-- leave a comment.

Then, I had an ah-ha moment. Why not do both? We could continue to milk the cow and also offer a local choice.

So you get to choose where to direct your bottles/donations to during the next round.

Stay tuned for next post with the call for input on "giving local".

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* A Second Cow is Off to Africa Thanks to You!

We did it again. Cow #2 is winging its way to Africa.

2 Cows Facing each Other

I never thought when I embarked on this cow idea that I'd end up sending two cows to families in Africa by the end of June. Of course I hoped I could send one cow to a family and I occasionally would dream about it really working and maybe sending more than one. And now we've managed to send 2 cows in just 3 months. Who would have thought this could happen?

I also never thought it would be this much fun or that so many people would help. Nor did I realize along with all the risks I would take sharing this idea, that there would be so many laughs too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing in this project and making it happen.

Here's the link to the card thanking us all for the gift (PDF) of a "livelihood for family" in Zambia or Ghana.

Many people have asked do I know what family or which country. Sorry to say I don't receive any info about the family or the village. I think maybe they don't do this so they can keep overhead costs down. Here's the details about the program.

receipt of cow donation

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* Sometimes the Biggest Givers Comes in the Smallest Packages


Here's the donation that helped us reach the 2nd cow and it was a truly a remarkable one.

A few weeks before I received this donation, Pat Moore had told me that Liam, who just finished Grade 1, was interested in the cow project. Liam was captivated with the idea of giving a family a cow. Pat said Liam wanted to contribute some of his allowance. I was touched and delighted ... and thought maybe it would be a loonie or toonie.

I'm simply going to transcribe the note that his mom, Pat Moore, gave to me that came with the envelope of money.

Hi Darlene

Here is Liam's contribution & a matching grant from his parents.

Liam puts 1/3 of his earnings & allowance into his charity fund.

He earns money by doing extra chores, etc. When he helps gather sort ad bag the recyclables he gets half of the refund money.

Last year his major contribution was to the Terry Fox Run. This time he wants to give a cow. He was really taken with idea of helping a family -- the cow appealed to the concrete mind of a six year old.

We always try to match his funds.

So hope this move you along the cow path.


cow walking down road

Photo by polifemus (out of order) via Flickr
Creative Commons license

Inside the envelope was $56.50 in bills and coins and check for $56.50 for a grand total of $113.00.

I'd say we're down the path and over the hill and then some. Liam, you and your parents, have raised enough funds to buy a family a calf all by yourselves. You're amazing!

Thanks Liam and Pat and Owen ... this has not only moved us down the cow path - we now have cow #2 and big boost to cow #3.

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