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Sunday, September 21, 2008

* Wait - I Shouldn't Sell Those Cow Horns

Cow Car, photo of pink car with big horns - Photo by Somerslea

I'm having second thoughts about posting those cow horns on Kijiji. I think a cowmobile would be great for picking up bottles and cans.

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* Vintage Dollars Roll in for Station 20 West as Local Fundraising Starts to Wraps Up

Clever Cow - ad with cow standing on a roll fo money - Photo by pixarman

pixarman via Flickr
Creative Commons license

It's been a while since I saw a one and two dollar bills but when Kate and Murray dropped off bottles from them and from Natural Sciences Library for the Station 20 West, along with their penny jar collection, they included some of the older bills. Thanks so Kate and Murray for the big boost for Station 20 West.

There's also money in the inter-office mail (hurrah) for Station 20 from Frank and Diane. Thanks! Earl and I have been gathering up whatever we can for Station 20. There's also an anonymous donation of $29.22.

A friend of Julie is also helping out and prefers to give local so there's another $50. I still have a big load of beer bottles to take back to the distiller before I do the final tabulations but right now we've raised $339.32.

So the formula was match 1, up to $300, and match 2, up to $1000 so we've raised: 339.32 + 300 + 339,32=978.64. Still a few days left to raise more dollars for Station 20 West.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

* Red Moon Lamp Sold for the Cow on Its Way to Saltspring Island

Judy and the Red String Retro Lamp

Photo of a Retro Red String Moon Lamp and the proud new owner's matching toes

This red string moon lamp was the first item that I found that I thought was pretty special and could maybe raise some money for the cow. I finally posted it and within a few hours, it was spoken for. Judy, who turns out lives just a couple of blocks away, called and said, "I have to have this lamp. I love it." There's something about the lamp that does grab you. After all, who could resist a lamp that matches your toes!

Judy shared a bit about the exciting adventure that she's about to embark on - selling their house here in Saskatoon and relocating to Saltspring Island to build on their ocean front property. So this lamp is going to be taking a journey and hopefully it'll be a good luck talisman for Judy.

Oh and if you're curious what this fine collectible fetched on Kijiji, it brought in 10 dollars (or the equivalent of 100 bottles for the can.)

Wish you could have purchased this special lamp? Keep your eye on the Don't Have a Cow collectibles ad on Kijiji to find the retro, unusual and fun bric-a-brac.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

* Kijiji Folks Help Out the Cow

Collage of stuff posted for sale on Kijiji

Some of the items posted to Kijiji this month.
Click image to zoom in and see items.

Lots of folks who have purchases stuff have wanted to talk about the cow. Some of the buyers have given a small donation in addition to what they buy -- thanks Bonnylee and Catherine. Some Kijiji folks have donated stuff that I can sell for the cow - many thanks to all of you that helped out.

The most expensive item sold so far was the garden pond, fountain and pump for $30.00.

The most unusual item sold was the dancing Barbie/Princess doll.

The item that generated the most calls was the Princess fold out sofa bed for toddlers.

So far finding stuff to sell hasn't been a problem. Earl, my unusually supportive husband, has been pointing out that it's important to balance intake and outtake.

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* Summer and the Olympics are Over

These cows are happy to see the Olympics are over. Not sure they'll be happy to see the snow fall in a few weeks.

This week has been a busy one for recycling. Teresa came by with another bag of recycling for the cow. Gord and Lorraine dropped off some goodies. Paul, Vicki and Zac contributed some more bottles. It all adds up.

I have to do new cow-culations but we've less a $100 to go to buy Oreo.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

* Please Try Out the Online Donation Option for "Give a Cow"

Please try out the new online donation service. Any amount will do - a loonie or toonie even. Oreo tells me she likes number like 5, 10, 15 and 25. Compared to collecting bottles for 10 cent each, a toonie is a windfall. :-)

If you've never shopped or donated online, Oreo will be happy to be your first go at trying it out. The donation service is managed completely by Paypal, but a Paypal is not required. You can use your credit card if you prefer. Paypal operates in 65 countries and is owned by eBay. It is probably the biggest online payment service and has earned a reputation for being secure and easy to use.

Your Feedback Wanted

What do you think of the button?

How did the check out work?

How could I improve the thank you page?

I was thinking of adding the button the side menu - where should it go?

Leave a comment or email me.

What Ever Happened to ChipIn Donation Service?

Some of you may remember when I tried the ChipIn donation service. Unfortunately while it collected donations okay, it didn't immediately update the target amount and donors found that frustrating. They wanted to see that the amount immediately taken off the total.

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* Thank You for Your Donation towards a Dairy Cow

Thanks so much for donating towards the purchase of a dairy cow for a family in Africa.

You can read more about the training and support the families are offered here.

You can check out other gifts and programs offered by Plan Canada.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

* Time for Some Cow Statistics

There are almost 3 cows for every person in Saskatchewan.

As of January 2008, there are 2.92 million cows and calves on Saskatchewan farms. (1) and 1,010,146 people in Saskatchewan. (2)

Today there are about 1.5 billion cows in the world. India is home to a quarter of the world's cow population.

Cow & 20th Street Fundraising Bottom Line

Dollars Raised for Oreo (Cow #5) - $186.25

Correction - I obviously did a big cut and paste error here some months ago and when I did the yearly roundup I found it and I've seen the receipts to prove it.
Dollars Raised for Station 20 - $450 + Match to $300 + Match of $450 = $1200.00

The virtual cow garage sale is bringing in the beef. Remember if you have stuff you no longer need, I can pick it up and sell it for the cow.

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* A Potter Helps Out Oreo

Labyrinth by Teresa Gagne
Labyrinth by Teresa Gagne

I met Teresa Gagne through FullCirclesSaskatoon (the Yahoo group that is trying to recycle, reuse and keep things out of the landfill) and told her about the cow project. Teresa arrived at my door one day with a bag of recyclables for Oreo.

Thanks Teresa so much for helping a family have a livelihood.

Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves

I asked Teresa to send me some pictures of her pottery - I was particularly taken with the Labyrinths that she is making but all of these pieces are beautiful. Teresa describes a bit about her journey creating the labyrinths on her blog "Going to Pot".


Have a special event or occasion? Think about supporting a local artisan and giving a unique hand made gift. Teresa's pottery is available at Handmade House on Broadway and Witches Brew, in Saskatoon, as well as The Handwave Gallery, in Meacham and Mysteria in in Regina. Teresa also has pieces at the Saskatoon Potters Guild sales at the Albert Community Centre, Saskatoon.

Chattered BowlChattered Bowl

Teresa has lots of exhibits coming up - here are just a few:

"Saskatchewan Flame, Wood Fired Ceramics" at the following locations: Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery, Oct. 3–Nov. 23; Art Gallery of Prince Albert, Dec. 3/08–Feb. 3/09; Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery, Mar. 26/09–May 24/09; Chapel Gallery North Battleford, July 1/09 to Aug. 9/09.

You can contact Teresa at at 306 389 2040 or tgagne [at]

Rattle GobletsRattle Goblets

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