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Saturday, January 10, 2009

* Have a b.y.o.e.r.b. Party in 2009 and Get a Kickass Donkey

Kate's Birthday: Kate, mutant cow and Darlene

Kate, mutant cow and Darlene (at least the birthday gal looks great in this photo!

Over the holidays I had to a double take - I received a message from Kate inviting me to her birthday party - isn't it grand that friends have birthdays so we can get together, eat good food and visit?

Her invitation had a secret surprise inside b.y.o.e.r.b.
It's b.y.o.e.r.b. Bring your own (empty redeemable recycling bottle or can) in lieu of cards or gifts - in fact bring as many as you like...they will be going to the cow project - you can also drop spare change into a jar but the theme is 'keep it simple, modest and low key' know at my advanced age I can't take too much excitement ;-)

How cowlicious can you get? This is udderly awesome. I have to say it's a little odd going to a friend's birthday party and receiving a gift - the cow in the photo above. Carrying on with the mutant cow theme (remember the 6 legged cow), this one has only 3 tits. I'm sure there's a story in that somewhere.

Kate's friends came through with a load of bottles and some goodies for Kijiji too and a stack of Canadian Tire money. Thanks everyone for helping Kate buy a lot of a cow ... we were talking about maybe buying a kickass donkey.

Kate's Birthday - Bottles for the cow

Kate's Birthday - Bottles for the cow

Stay tuned to find out what we buy with the proceeds which is currently at $82.02.

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