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Saturday, January 24, 2009

* RAOK Results a Simply Bovine Giving Small Signature Graphic

Giving Small graphic designed by fallenpixels

What's a RAOK, you wonder? Random Act Of Kindness. My journey into coupon land continues and I am amazed at all the ways to save and make coupons work. Who knew?

While I'm there learning about coupon trading for the cow -- $25.15 in trades this year so far -- I'm also learning about deals and savings. I have saved at least $100 this month with coupons and deals by buying the same things that I always buy. And I'm definitely not good at it yet.

Along the way I have also met some really neat people. Someone in Ontario is raising money with coupons for the Humane Society. Several other people use their high value coupons (free products or combine to get free) to buy shampoo, soap, razors and personal items for people in need.

fallenpixels signature file

This week I had the good fortune to stumble upon fallenpixels, a fellow couponer, and notice her beautiful signature graphic and then the note that said - message me to get a signature file. Wow - she made one for the cow project the same day I sent a message and isn't it great. And this was a RAOK - a random act of kindness - she doesn't want anything for it. I even offered chocolate or coffee card - she said she was doing it to support the cow project.

So moo-valous, many thanks fallenpixels.

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