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Saturday, January 24, 2009

* Shopping at Shoppers for the Cow Gleans $150.00

Shoppers Optimum Card

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Shoppers Drug Store with Carol to use up the Optimum points that were donated in December. We had hit the top redemption level (more than 75,000 points) which is worth a $150.00 in goods at Shoppers.

Shoppers Drug Mart logo

I had been looking for a big Shoppers spender to tag along with to use up the points and convert to cash. Carol graciously volunteered and with 4 gals in that household, they didn't have any trouble using the $150. After I used the points up to pay for their things, Carol wrote me a check for $150.

Pretty moo-valous of Carol, Jessica, Annamona, and Adrienne to help out the cow. Thanks!!

We're 50% of the way to Gertrude, cow #15 now.

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