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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

* Small is Mighty: Carrots, Trains, Points and Bottles Add Up to Another Cow

Carrot shaped jewelry box donated for virtual cow garage sale

The cow fundraising is moo'ing along merrily. The cow-mmunity continues to grow and every couple of weeks someone new joins in from near and far. As a result, we can buy Amistad (#16) and are well on our way with #17 Amity. By the way Amity means friendship, too. Hmm - sure seems to be a spate of "friendly" cows - Amity and Amistad.

As the weather warms up the items donated for Kijiji are flowing in and out again. Many thanks to Tracy, Cathy, Maureen, Michael and Jennifer for donating items. Some of the unusual items posted this month include Marklin model railroad cars and track. The donor and I were pretty sure that given the size of Saskatoon this might take weeks or months to sell. Well the universe provides and within two hours, a collector spotted the Marklin train lots and they were sold. There are still two lots left.

Among the interesting (and hot items) sold this week was a velvet carrot shaped jewelry box featured above. A stuffed Elmo was a hot item and takes the record for the most emails.

On the bottle front, I'm a wee bit behind on pickups but managed to make it to Peter and Barb's recently. I was able to snag quite a few bottles at the soccer tournament a couple of weeks ago too adding to our supply. Julie's friends Kyle and Reamus dropped off a few bags. The last SARCAN run was just over $25.00. SARCAN and the model railroad sales helped to finish off Amistad, cow #16.

This month I received two of the fattest envelopes ever. One was stuffed with coupons donated by a someone from Toronto. The other was also from Toronto and it was stuffed with $7.75 cents of CT money courtesy of Michael, Jennifer and friends.

Kate and Murray dropped off bottles and cans from their house and Natural Sciences Library (thanks everyone at Nat Sci). They also brought a penny jar and Canadian Tire money. I'm hoping other folks will consider setting aside a penny/spare change jar for the cow. You really won't miss those pennies and nickels and dimes and it really adds up for the cow.

Beth contributed a gift certificate for Montana's restaurant. And I have gift certificate for Red Pepper's Restaurant - they're each $10 - any food fans out there who want to buy these for the cow?

There was another Shopper's Optimum "tell a friend" event and I didn't just tell, I also phoned and to create a small herd of people. I've also been keeping my ears open for Shopper optimum fans and found a friend's parent who lives in Regina to sign up and be the cow's friend. The Tell a Friend is a great deal for the cow and the Friend. Both accounts get 5000 points ($10) i they shop on the designated days. So the good news, is the cow has 6 Optimum friends so if all six shopped, the cow will have 30,000 points - that's like $60.

Let me know if you will hop on the next train. I'll pone you and do all the typing. It just takes your Optimum number and birthday and your email. Oh, and you have to shop and spend $20 on the designated days. We'll know how much we made by March 15. I also helped the Street Cat Rescue Folks get started on their first Tell a Friend train.

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