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Monday, June 8, 2009

* If Small is Beautiful, Micro is?


Most of last year the fundraising efforts focused on bottles and garage sale items. Then we switched to coupons, points, icoke and aeroplan pins etc - what I would call "micro" fundraising.

Lots of non-profits have been using microfundraising online for years. Click to give for X cause. The screen snapshot above shows the Click to save the rainforest site. Revenue comes from advertisers.

Is micro fundraising worth it?
It depends. Some micro fundraising works well. Most require volume and with the "cow" community it's easier to get to a critical mass. So for example 2 iCoke pins aren't worth it but 20 add up for the cow quite nicely.

By the way icoke pins (10 digit codes) are now found on the labels of Powerade drinks and under sprite caps, are easy for someone to save for the cow and are super easy to trade. They actually add up almost as quick as recycling bottles.

iCoke pins

Aeroplan expanded the products that have Aeroplan pins to include Tostitas Corn Chips so buy the aeroplan pin products and sent me your pins.

Micro fundraising works better for donating locally as some of the efforts convert into rewards that your redeem at stores or restaurants.

Stay tuned for info on More Ways You Can Help with Micro Cow Projects

I'll be sharing more of the micro fundraising projects I am working on like box tops for education, Futura rewards, etc. that any of you can help with by using a scissors and cutting out codes for the cow/local projects.

Want Help Out Now - Try these Micro Fundraising Sites where you click or for word whizzes try Free Rice

Online micro fundraising is alive and well online. From Click to Preserve the Rainforest, to Animal Rescue to defining words to donate rice, FreeRice, to games in Facebook that help different causes. Micro fundraising has taken root perhaps more than micro-payments, an oft talked about idea for charging for things online.


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