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Saturday, September 12, 2009

* Woo Hoo - We Did It - Cow #23 Belaphron is off to Bangladesh

I accidentally posted this on my Library related blog - oops. So moved it over here and used the original post date.

For some reason cow #23 took soooo long. I think it was the long name - Belafron. Babe just raced out of the barn.

Thanks to all the recent bottle donations that pushed us over the edge: Kate and Murray, Frank and Diane, Beth, Gigi, Peter and Barb, Vicki and Paul, Special Collections, my mom - wish I had a picture of her stopping to pick one up and put in the basket of her walker! I know there were other donors too but that part of the brain is on coffee break.

Also thanks to Nancy who donated a cute dog chaise lounge that was sold on Kijiji for the cow.

Some coupon trades also helped out with the cow thanks to Melly in Ontario and icoke pins. Thanks to Celeste for more Canadian Tire money for the cow fund.

Cow Riddles

Here's a couple of riddles from

1. How to you know that cows will be in heaven?

It's a place of udder delight.

2. What do you call a cow who argues with her husband?

A bullfighter!

Overheard in the court room one day

Your Honor, it was an accident! I had to run into the fence to keep from hitting the cow! Was it a Jersey cow? I dont know, I didnt see her license plate!


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