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Monday, October 19, 2009

* Where does the time go?

September was so beautiful and it's come and gone. And then October rolled around - belated Happy Turkey Day everyone.

Image - thank you - a bee with a bouquet of flowers

Thanks so much to all of these folks who contributed bottles and more. We have raised $209 towards "Belle" - cow #24.

  • Robin, Frank and Cara - new collectors and donators for the cow :-)
  • Gigi and her roommates
  • Peter and Barb
  • Beth
  • Kate and Murray
  • Frank and Diane
  • Urve
  • Nancy - that cute dog bed was snapped up on kijiji
  • folks from Kijiji who bought books and Ikea chairs
  • Dean's Office bottle recycling
  • ITS bottle recycling
  • Access Services bottle recycling - special thanks to Iffat that coordinates this
  • Cheryl and Ron
  • All the great folks in Special Collections and Archives - special thanks to Kulwant who always lets me know when it's time to pick up
  • Bottles from Data Services
  • Neil
  • Fullcircle coupon helpers - Carole, Zoe, Cecelia

Image - thank you - a bee with a bouquet of flowers

I know I'll forget to thank someone, so please forgive me -- my brain is a bit like swiss cheese memory wise - flavourable and delicious but full of holes. The joys of being ill. I've discovered that I'm just a whole lot more human (error prone) than everyone else I meet. Everyday I get to be around people who have super powers!


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