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Saturday, January 24, 2009

* Shopping at Shoppers for the Cow Gleans $150.00

Shoppers Optimum Card

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Shoppers Drug Store with Carol to use up the Optimum points that were donated in December. We had hit the top redemption level (more than 75,000 points) which is worth a $150.00 in goods at Shoppers.

Shoppers Drug Mart logo

I had been looking for a big Shoppers spender to tag along with to use up the points and convert to cash. Carol graciously volunteered and with 4 gals in that household, they didn't have any trouble using the $150. After I used the points up to pay for their things, Carol wrote me a check for $150.

Pretty moo-valous of Carol, Jessica, Annamona, and Adrienne to help out the cow. Thanks!!

We're 50% of the way to Gertrude, cow #15 now.

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* RAOK Results a Simply Bovine Giving Small Signature Graphic

Giving Small graphic designed by fallenpixels

What's a RAOK, you wonder? Random Act Of Kindness. My journey into coupon land continues and I am amazed at all the ways to save and make coupons work. Who knew?

While I'm there learning about coupon trading for the cow -- $25.15 in trades this year so far -- I'm also learning about deals and savings. I have saved at least $100 this month with coupons and deals by buying the same things that I always buy. And I'm definitely not good at it yet.

Along the way I have also met some really neat people. Someone in Ontario is raising money with coupons for the Humane Society. Several other people use their high value coupons (free products or combine to get free) to buy shampoo, soap, razors and personal items for people in need.

fallenpixels signature file

This week I had the good fortune to stumble upon fallenpixels, a fellow couponer, and notice her beautiful signature graphic and then the note that said - message me to get a signature file. Wow - she made one for the cow project the same day I sent a message and isn't it great. And this was a RAOK - a random act of kindness - she doesn't want anything for it. I even offered chocolate or coffee card - she said she was doing it to support the cow project.

So moo-valous, many thanks fallenpixels.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

* Have a b.y.o.e.r.b. Party in 2009 and Get a Kickass Donkey

Kate's Birthday: Kate, mutant cow and Darlene

Kate, mutant cow and Darlene (at least the birthday gal looks great in this photo!

Over the holidays I had to a double take - I received a message from Kate inviting me to her birthday party - isn't it grand that friends have birthdays so we can get together, eat good food and visit?

Her invitation had a secret surprise inside b.y.o.e.r.b.
It's b.y.o.e.r.b. Bring your own (empty redeemable recycling bottle or can) in lieu of cards or gifts - in fact bring as many as you like...they will be going to the cow project - you can also drop spare change into a jar but the theme is 'keep it simple, modest and low key' know at my advanced age I can't take too much excitement ;-)

How cowlicious can you get? This is udderly awesome. I have to say it's a little odd going to a friend's birthday party and receiving a gift - the cow in the photo above. Carrying on with the mutant cow theme (remember the 6 legged cow), this one has only 3 tits. I'm sure there's a story in that somewhere.

Kate's friends came through with a load of bottles and some goodies for Kijiji too and a stack of Canadian Tire money. Thanks everyone for helping Kate buy a lot of a cow ... we were talking about maybe buying a kickass donkey.

Kate's Birthday - Bottles for the cow

Kate's Birthday - Bottles for the cow

Stay tuned to find out what we buy with the proceeds which is currently at $82.02.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

* Laugh Along with the Cow-munity: Funny Videos and Cartoons

Patrick Hayes sent me a link to this Dilbert cartoon featuring Mordac, the Preventer of Information Services -- timely advice for all of us. (Yes there is a cow connection to this).

Before Christmas Peter Scott sent me this wonderful video about Baby Belle cheese. Enjoy!

And of course, The Stik had some wonderful cartoons. Here's just one:

Cartoon by The Stik about Christmas Cows

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

* Happy Moo Year! It's the Year of the Cow (Really)!

Have moovelous year of the cow

2009 is the Year of the Cow in the Chinese calendar

My first inkling that 2009 had something special in store for cows occurred when I opened the Christmas letter from Susan, her husband Mark and daughter Pearl. Susan, a wonderful artist who creates hand painted silk creations, lived in Japan for almost 10 years before moving to Switzerland last year. She often touches upon the Chinese calendar in her Christmas letter, so she started her Christmas letter with the photo and headline above.

Now if you're someone who believes in signs, then I would say the "Year of the Cow" is probably the biggest billboard one could get to say stay on the cow trail in 2009.

The Chinese calendar is followed in many Asian cultures for major festivals. This traditional calendar is also known as the "ying" calendar or the "agricultural" calendar.

year of the ox symbolThe Year of the Cow is also known as the Year of the Ox, in case you were scratching your head and thinking I don't remember a cow.

"The Ox is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work." (Wikipedia)

The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is one of the most important cultural celebrations and it begins on the first day of the first lunar month which is January 26, 2009 so technically it's 25 more days till the Year of the Cow.

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