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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

* Happy Birthday Giving-Small

Tai Shan Attacks a Tree

I posted my first blog entry on April 2, 2009. The first week of April marks the beginning of a year long journey into personal fundraising, cows, gifting, community and feeling grateful for all we have here.

When I started I didn't know if I could do one cow and I was apprehensive. I'd probably be working on that first cow and be deeply discouraged if it wasn't for each and everyone of you. Your support, interest, time and donations have made the cow project work.

Thank you so much. I think the one thing I have learned is that Giving-Small can be mighty. 18 families have a livelihood from dairy cows. Other families have a livelihood too. We've been able to help locally with the food bank and Station 20 West.
Time for some calculations:

Items PurchasedAmount
18 cows$5400.00
Christmas Livelihood Gifts$807.00
Station 20 West including matching funds$1200.00
1 Donkey$120.00
Food Bank Donations$75.00
Cash on Hand$115.58
Grand Total$8,317.58

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

* Too Much Choice is Bad, Really

Well - I tried to edit the date of this post and ended up posting it in 2007. LOL. Typo city. I'll share it now and hopefully you'll get a good laugh and enjoy it.

If you don't believe me watch this funny video from the standup comedian and economist, Yoram Bauman.

Then if you still don't really think economics can explain happiness, look at the research about choice and happiness presented at the Ted conference. Barry Schwartz talks about his research on the paradox of choice.

Librarian's Razor - When in Doubt Alphabetize It!

So there I was paralyzed by choice -- all those wonderful cow names. I realized that I was spending a lot of time trying to choose the next cow name, when I had one of those librarian moments - let's just sort the list A-Z. So here they all are -- all 57 names that I have not yet used.

That's a lot of names. We have our work cut out for us. We better get moo'ing.

So cow #16 is Amistad, which means friendship in Spanish. This name was suggested by Gord who has yet to spill the beans on where his eclectic and a tad unusual set of names was compiled from.

  1. Amistad

  2. Amity

  3. Anna Mary

  4. Annabelle

  5. Argos

  6. Babe

  7. Becky

  8. Belaphron

  9. Belle

  10. Birdie

  11. Cadence

  12. Calliope

  13. Cowabunga

  14. Cowcow

  15. Cowlick

  16. Dagmar

  17. Daisy

  18. Darlene

  19. Dobias

  20. Emma

  21. Flicka

  22. Frieda

  23. Gabrielle

  24. Galileo

  25. Geraldine

  26. Hailey

  27. Hannah

  28. Heidi

  29. Inger

  30. Isadore

  31. Jersey

  32. Jessie

  33. Juness

  34. Lacta

  35. Lily

  36. Lullie

  37. Maggie

  38. Mattie

  39. Mazie

  40. Minnie

  41. Molly

  42. Moxie

  43. Nellie

  44. Nellie

  45. Pattie

  46. Penny

  47. Quaff

  48. Rosalie

  49. Salchow

  50. Sally

  51. Samantha

  52. Shirley

  53. Shobi

  54. Sidse

  55. Sigil

  56. Vacha

  57. Wil-cow

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