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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

* Shopper's Friends Come Through for the Cow - woo hoo 20,000 bonus points

Thanks to everyone who signed up for Shoppers' Tell a Friend. 20,000 bonus points are in my account which means $40 on redemption day for donations. Most of the Shoppers bonus points go to local charities but if you happen to have something you want to buy at Shoppers let me know. I'll use my redemption to buy it, and you can pay me and I'll pop it in the cow fund.

Speaking of cows - we're on cow number 26 named Cadence

Today thanks to Rita and Wilf -- a fun soccer grandmother who knows how to cheer - I picked up bottles for recycling. Today's recycling haul was $24.40 putting us over half way to Cadence.


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