How To Make Money with Your Web Site 
A Practical Guide

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Where should you start?

Trying to make money on your site can be overwhelming. It was for us at first. Start off slow at first and test the waters with your audience. A good place to start might be signing up as associate at or with Google Adwords both of which have worked well for us. They are reliable, pay on time and can generate a fairly steady income.

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About Us

There are hundreds of sites that claim to help you but are trying to make money, fast, easy and with no work. That's not our approach. We'll give you the facts without a lot of hype. And we're not trying to sell you our own special guide on "how to do it" or promote anyone else. We might make a small referral fee for example if you click on Google Adwords above and sign up. We only recommend products we know to work or flag new ones that we think are intersting and the revenue from referrals from this site isn't worth writing home about to anyone.

So why the heck do we have this site?

We've been on the Internet a long time and lots of people helped us - now we're taking turn to help you. We're out looking for new revenue so we list the things we find that work here. Your mileage may vary from ours. Our sites are informational - directories of stuff: publishers, record labels, weblog tools, local area travel, freenets, etc.

Our Story

Who are we? We are two consultants at Northern Lights Internet Solutions Ltd. We've been at the Internet business for many years and used to design lots of web sites. Nowadays, we often speak at conferences about internet topics and run a few content sites. One of us is retired and the other works part-time.

We had created some directories and indexes for free (even before the Web and gopher, yep we have some grey hairs) but found that the time it took to keep them up-to-date was becoming a full time job. In order to keep supporting the projects, we looked at banner ads and sponsorships to help with costs. And we added a database backend to speed up site creation and maintenance.

We've been making money on sites for 12 years and we're still learning. We are making steady income from small and medium sized sites (10,000 page views to 350,000 views per month).

Visit some of our sites:

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One Minute Money Maker Idea #1: Be Easy to Bookmark

Make linking to your content a no brainer. More sharing and more links equals more visitors to your site.

Help your content to travel to where people are hanging out online on social networking sites like Google bookmarks, Facebook, MySpace, Digg,, furl, etc. There are dozens of these sites where people like to share stuff.

Make it easy by providing a button like the AddThis Social Bookmark Button . Click to see the services (and why not add us!).

Sign up is free at AddThis is a great service and provides statistics on what people are bookmarking from your site.

Buying Banner, Text Ads and Search Results Listing

Are you the owner of a business site? Trying to buy ads, set up an affiliate program or search pay per clicks? Visit our Guide to Buying Banner Ads - Pay-Per-Click -Affiliate Programs

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To make money on your web site check out text ads today.

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