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A Practical Guide

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January 2007

Boost your Web Site Revenue with Google Text Ads & Their Referral Program

Our sites have brought in a steady income by using a variety of affiliate programs, and Google Adsense. It's quick and easy to set up a Google Adsense account and place the ad code on your web pages. Sit back and enjoy the results.

Not only can you make money from Google text ads on your site, you can also add "referral" links to Google products and services, and get paid.

June 2006

Boost your Amazon Ad Revenue with Almost No Work

The Facts

Amazon Ads that are related to your content definitely get clicked more often.

Creating individual targeted ads or links is too much work and they expire or change.

Now you can simply add a bloggerkit keyword at the end of your content and voila relevant Amazon ads will appear. [Look at ads on the right]

The Solution

Bloggerkit will use Amazon Associate ID for 85% of the clickthrus and 15% are for their own ID.

Here are some sample keywords: bk_keywords: canon camera, nano (normally you would hide these from readers)

Worried about your Adsense revenue? According to BloggerKit's FAQ using their service does not voilate the Adsense rules (as of June 2006).

Example Amazon Ads related to the keywords:

May 2006

Fotolia - BUY Great Photos for $1 or $2 or $3 to Use on Web Site

Fotolia - SELL Your Photos and Use Fotolia to reach a large audience of photo buyers

This site has a large stock of photos that you can use in print brochures and on your web site. The search engine works great. It does offer an affiliate program - sign up for a Fotolia account. You probably won't make a lot on the affiliate program unless your site caters to photographers but this is just a valuable resource to recommend to any of your visitors.

March 2006

Help Bloggers Figure Out What Links and Content Leads to Clicks

Bloggers produce reams of content but do they know what gets clicked? In less than a minute anyone can sign up for an account, paste one line of code and start to have real time stats. Try it yourself:

Sign up for

If you sign up and post their links on your own site and someone clicks and signs up and chooses the Pro account, you will earn an affiliate revenue of $0.30 for each monthly signup and $2.50 for annual subscriptions. Subscriptions are priced low to be affordable and easy to purchase.

September 2005

Make Money Giving Away Free Coupons -

Lots of people like coupons. This site has more than 1000 coupon offers in dozens of a categories from automobiles to diapers. Get paid when visitors print off coupons.

It takes only a couple of minutes to apply for a site and set your "private" label of their domain with colors and look and feel that match your own site.

Get paid when the balance in your account is $20.00 or more.

June 2003-Jan 2007

Google Adsense -

You can "deliver text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to what your readers see on your pages,." and get paid. Google Adsense has added dozens of features including image ads and search ads since 2003.

Find out what advertisements Google Adsense would place on your site

Enter keywords or URL and click ENTER (this looks broken July 9, 2008)

View AdSense Ads For:

Brought to you by Digital Point Solutions

July 2003 - Make Money -

works well for sales, leads etc. It also offers a superaffiliate program so if someone signs up under you, you can get 10% commission.

March - May 2003

- integrating content with various toolkits using web services and XML

January 2003

Clickexchange - has a number of different advertisers to choose from.

  • online marketing you can trust! -, is a leading affiliate marketing solution provider. Web publishers maximize their revenue and site content providing advertisers with traffic, leads and sales. Currently 6 commission structures supported.

    October/November 2002 Picks


    - has a great affiliate program and offers new books at deep discounts.

    September/October 2002 Picks

    Join LinkShare Today!
    Sign up today and add links to great stores and products:

    June - July 2002 Picks

    Have any book lovers?Consider abebooks - search thousands of used, secondhand, rare, and out-of-print booksellers around the world. Their affiliate program is run through Commission JunctionText Ad.

    Join Websponsors and run ads.

    April - May 2002 Picks

    UK Affiliate Programs -
  • Affiliate Window Text Ad - offers lots of programs for a whole range of advertisers. Get paid in dollars, pounds or euros.
  • March 2002 Picks

    Join the Commission Junction Text Ad.
    • Top notch program & payment record
    • Access to 1000's of advertisers

    Amazon Affiliate Program - commission on books. Now offers new "category" browse and custom keyword links. Examples:

    February 2002

  • text ads are generating some interest. Exchange free ads, or get run paid ads
  • January 2002 Picks - Make Money!

  • steady, reliable program
  • lots of programs
  • must have 3,000 views per month to qualify
  • Definitions

    CPM - cost per impression
    Every time an ad is displayed it counts as one impression. Rates are usually quoted for 1,000 impressions. Good choice for a busy site.

    CPC - cost per click
    Every time someone clicks, it counts as one clickthrough. Rates can be anywhere form a cent to a dollar with .10 to .17 being common.

    If you send a person to the site who then "signs" up or participates in some way specified by the ad sponsor then a "lead" is created.

    You receive a commission on sales. Amazon is an example of this type of program.

    When you join up with a program or "associate" yourself with it you are an "affiliate". Usually they handle getting the ads, keeping statistics and you just need to display the ads.

    Reviews from January - December 2000 were removed. Most were outdated or sites were gone.

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