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Choosing a Pay-Per-Click Search Engine - Paid Listing

Advertising on pay-per-click search engines can be a great way to bring people who are looking for the products and services that you have to offer right to your site. "Paid Listings" or "Sponsored Search Results" usually show up first or just to the right of the regular search results. As an advertiser you are charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. You are ONLY charged when a customer clicks on your listing.

A sponsored search listing often includes a title, description and the URL.

We recommend 2 pay per click search engines text ads:

A new service worth trying is the Ask Jeeves

October 2005

Google AdSense - Buy AdWords to promote your product or service.

Google Ad Words allows you to have your ad placed along with search results.

The cost per click on Google Ad Words is set by you and can be as low as 1 cent. You pay when someone clicks on your listing. They also offer CPM programs.

September 2005

Ask Jeeves unveiled a sponsored listing option. The minimum bid is 5 cents. Your listings can show up across their network on search engines such as MySearch, Teoma, Mamma and portals such as MyWay, Excite, CNet, Clear Channel, Motley Fool, Tickle amd meta-search engines such as InfoSpace and Dogpile.

Note that you can still buy placement on the "Ask" network via the Google Ad program. That partnership is not ending.

Yahoo Sponsored Search

Earn a $20 to $30 every time you refer a new advertiser* to Yahoo Sponsored Search.

We recommend Yahoo Sponsored Search (formerly called Overture). We've been using Yahoo Sponosred Search to drive traffic to some of our sites for 5+ years with excellent results.

June 2002 - Updated Dec. 2003

Like to reach UK and European markets? Consider Affiliate Window. They help you to reach numerous sites that will feature your ads and links.

March 2002

Find out about text ads and why everyone is talking about them. Get free ad space, trade text ads or sign up now. Starts as low as $10/4000.

Getting ready to sell online?

Paypal Text Ad is a great way to get started with accepting online payments without investing in a major e-commerce set up.

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