How To Make Money with Your Web Site 
A Practical Guide

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Banner Ads and Text Ads

Where should you start?

Trying to advertise your product on the web can be challenging - there are so many choices/options. Should you just focus on search engine placement or should you have an affilate program.

Sit, back, take a deep breath and we'll show you some of the main routes to go.

To Buy or Not to Buy Banner Ads

This is tried and true method but we don't always recommend it. It may or many not suit your site. You may be better off focusing on "pay-per-click" search results placement than run of the network banner ads.

In a pay-per-click search results placement, your ads comes up when someone searches on specific keywords that you have selected. Looksmart listing charges 15 cents per click.

Google Ad Words allows you to have your ad placed along with search results.

List Your Site with Yahoo Sponsored Search (formerly Overture) - this is the grandaddy of pay per click search engine results listing.

Find out more about Paid Search Listings on Yahoo!, Google and other search networks.

How banner ads work?

You find a site, click on their advertise on this site link and buy banner ad space directly from them or from a third party agent that handles their advertising sales. Or better yet your go directly to the agent and puruse their sites and select where you'd like your ads to go. There lots of ways to do it but let's get a handle on what you can buy. Ad space is typically sold four ways:
  • By impression - every time your banner appears you pay. Impression rates can run from $2 to more than $100/1000 ad impressions
  • By click-thru - every time someone clicks on your banner ad you pay anywhere from .01 cent to $.25 or more
  • By lead - every time your ad generates a lead like an online registration, trial download, a catalog request, you pay. Leads are typically $.50 to $5.00.
  • By sale - every time someone clicks on your ad and then buys your product, you pay a commission. On the high end commission rates are 50% and on the low end 5%.

There are also hundreds of Free Banner Ad Exchanges. Try searching Google, if you are really ambitious and have lots of time - start your own banner exchange.

Of course running around to web sites buying space is cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating. Many sites handle their advertising through a third party. You can buy space on hundreds of sites at once. Depending on the "agent" you can see online real time reports, approve the sites that carry your ad or just buy a run of the network (on any site) within a broad category.

The big players (handling 100,000 of views per day) are Burst, Engage, Doubleclick, ...

Buy Banner Advertisements through Affiliate Aggregators

Commission Junction Text Ad

  • This is a great program with lots of affiliates.
  • Clickthru, Sale, Lead
  • Check their site for current prices to set up an account


  • This site is well known for offerring leads and has an established affiliate network
  • Lead

    The "Right" Traffic is the Key to Making Money

    Have you promoted your site? Have you analyzed your keywords and worked on your position in search engines? This is critical. But you must also offer visitors something of "value" so they'll come again and again. It's exhausting work getting "new visitors" - what if 1 in 5 visitors came back weekly? Wow!

    Want to learn more on promotion? ....Check out our How to Promote Your Site Guide

    Who do you trust?

    There are hundreds of sites. Our approach is give you good solid advice that you can start with right now. We'll give you the facts without alot of hype. And we're not trying to sell our own special guide on "how to do it". We've been on the web along time and lots of people helped us - now we're taking turn to help you.

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