How To Make Money with Your Web Site 
A Practical Guide

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Build your audience.

1. Add daily news headlines.

  • Lots of ways and tools that you can use to add free headlines from RSS feeds. Be sure to check their licensing rules about posting on your sites - some sites do not allow you to repost their headlines. Look for services that convert RSS to HTML such as or Google's Dynamic Feed Control Wizard.

2. Make your site eye-catching.

  • Does your site look timely - recognize the seasons, events? Do you notice how the search engine Google does a great job at this? Small touches matter and create user confidence that your site is up to date.
  • Neat graphics can also that grab attention and add meaning.
  • To get pictures fast and save time check out with 10 million downloadable images. Sign up for one week for less than $14.95 or $259.95 for a year.
  • Or search for free images under Creative Commons license that you can use commerically using Yahoo advanced search or advanced search on Flickr.

3. Make your site sticky. Add free services like discussion boards etc.

  • Having "sticky" site is a great way to increase traffic and revenue.
  • Using free tools can help add more pages and more space for ads.

4. Purchase keywords on search engines and show up in the top 10 results.

5. Promoting your site is critical.

You need to get traffic. Think creatively - use search engines, reciprocal linking. Start a newsletter. Think about publicity in the widest sense. How can you generate interest?


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