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Libraries Fundarising Using the Internet

Libraries and Fundraising - New Articles and Presentations

December 2003 - Saving Ourselves: Alternative or Adventuresome Funding Strategies Session - Internet Librarian 2003 - Powerpoints Slides - Discussing the declining budgets and the need for libraries to respond and thrive by fundraising.

February 2003 - An Introduction to Academic Library Fundraising - OLA SuperConference - Joy McNevin, Development Officer, Queen's University Libraries; Susan LeBlanc, Advancement Officer, James A. Gibson Library, Brock University. PowerPoint Slides

The Woodland Public Library in California has opened Shop for the Library, a fundraising venture featuring over 200 merchants. Find out why Woodland started its store (Article Retrieved via Wayback Machine).

Some Examples

Online Fundraising

Since spring 2000, we noticed a growing interest and demand from librarians to know more about the fundraising opportunities using affiliate and other revenue-generating programs on the web.

If you are interested in having a workshop or presentation for your library association, board or staff - contact us. Peter Scott has given a number of presentations to librarians on this topic.

Top Fundraising Ideas for Libraries

One of the most reliable affiliate programs on the web is Commission Junction. You sign-up, get your site approved, and then select from their 2000+ advertisers and services and run their offers on your site. Find out more: Commission JunctionText Ad.

Steps to sign-up:

  1. Go to the CJ site and click on CJ Marketplace Publisher application at the bottom of the page.
  2. Search for programs that you like, by topic or keyword, and request specific ads. Each advertiser will review your request and approve or decline your application.
  3. Cut the code and paste it into your web page.
  4. Check your daily statistics and see views, clicks and sales.

Tips to Improve Sign Ups

You'll get more usage of your site if you recommend the service [if you think it's worthy of course]. For example, there are several search engines and directory services available for businesses, jobs or email. Consider recommending some that are excellent and pay a small search fee.

Do Libraries Have an Advantage?

Libraries are in a great position to fundraise on the Internet. Why?

  • Many library sites have a dedicated following and offer a rich resource site for their community.
  • They are recognized as a trusted place that will provide a clearinghouse of relevant information. This is a real plus when you start to look at generating revenue from your web site.

This trust should not be taken lightly. If libraries recommend a particular bookstore or choose to run banner advertisements, they should have an "open information policy" and let visitors know up front that some money will go to the library. You also need to make sure that you're selecting quality resources or services that benefit your community.

Making Your Site Better - Adding Daily News

Librarians are usually busy people and can't update their web site daily. A site with interesting content that changes daily helps to draw visitors back again and again. This is good for the library and good for fundraising.

Good news - it's easy, fast and free. Every library can add news headlines such as publishing news or latest book reviews headlines from New York Times, Salon etc. to their site. This service is offered by Moreover and has no graphic banner ads.

Another way to offer news and generate some community interaction, is to have one or more staff create a library weblog.

Specialized Search Engine Affiliate Programs

Most of the search engine affiliate programs are gone. Google Adsense and Google site search with ads are two ways that you can generate money by clickthrus on search results or advertising on your site.

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