How To Make Money with Your Web Site 
A Practical Guide

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Some Money Making Myths

Myth 1: Only big sites with millions of page views can make money. Not true at all.

Myth 2: Ad revenue is dead and so is affiliate revenue. Also not true. Ad revenue may not be as high as it once was but appropriate ads work.

Myth 3: It's dead easy. Just put a page and voila - collect cash. Don't we wish. The allure of the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow is strong.

A lot of scam sites will tell about that pot o' gold and some scams make money AND some folks win lotteries too! Ask yourself this - if the idea was so GREAT why aren't they just doing it and going to the bank - why are they trying to sell you their book on how to do it? Be skeptical - be smart - be aware.

Buying Banner, Text Ads and Search Results Listing

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