How To Make Money with Your Web Site 
A Practical Guide

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Tip #1 Building Your Audience

Often sites don't have enough traffic. Don't despair. The key to having an audience is to create a site about something that you know alot about and share your information, ideas, pictures, photos, and passion. Whether it's dachshunds or travelling to Mexico or favourite online funny flics, your site can work even if there are dozens of sites on that topic. That makes it harder.

If you go to the bookstore and there's just one book on Java programming, that books wins be default. But if there are 20 books people make choices .. they look for the one's that is just right for them. Not too hard, not too easy. Just right.

So you need to have an idea when you create the site WHO it is for and what interests them and what they care about and what annoys them and turns them off.

It's better to have less content and have it be great than lots of junk and ad bloated site. Most of the time people don't want a huge number of ads except perhaps when they are looking to buy something and the ads have useful information (not marketese) like buying a camcordor. But more than ads they want customer reviews and ratings and opinions from PEOPLE LIKE THEM, their taste twins.

One Minute Money Maker Idea #2: Create Great Titles for Search Engines

While you're writing to delight people (your visitors), you need to delight the search engines. Search engines can send you lots of traffic and we have more about promoting your site and search engine optimization. But what you need to know now is that search engines like simple,clean well organized text marked up with HTML tags correctly. When people use search engines they enter keywords to find your content. This means that you need to use GOOD WORDS, the words that people search for the content on your site. And you need to use these words prominently on your page. Use it in the page title and use the h1 for the top heading. Don't like how the default h1 looks, use a stylesheet to change.

Help your content to travel to where people are hanging out online on social networking sites like Google bookmarks, Facebook, MySpace, Digg,, furl, etc. There are dozens of these sites where people like to share stuff.

Make it easy by providing a button like the AddThis Social Bookmark Button . Click to see the services (and why not add us!).

Sign up is free at AddThis is a great service and provides statistics on what people are bookmarking from your site.

Google is excluding sites that are predominantly ads so don't even start down that road.

There are some great services that actually make your site better that you can just plug-in and many are "ad free". Here's one of the 5 of the free tools/content resources we strongly recommend. Check out the our Audience page for more information.

1. Free Daily News Headlines

Check out other ideas on the Building Your Audience page.

Buying Banner, Text Ads and Search Results Listing

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