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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
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Bergen By Byte A/S - Bergen - Norway

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Conference       Chairman         Description
---------------- ---------------- ---------------------------------------------
Ai               Sysop            Artificial intelligence
Animals          Sysop            Discussions on pets
Applications     Sysop            Applications software
Auto             Froru            Internal discussions on the Auto products
Bbx              Sysop            BIX Bulletin Board Exchange
Bgo_tekn_museum  Egilu            Bergen Tekniske Museum NAA!!!!
Byte             Sysop            BYTE listings
Cbchat           Sysop            CbChat utility
Cleopatra        Catzy            For Girls ONLY!
Communication    Sysop            Conference on communication
Computers        Sysop            Computer hardware
Conferencing     Sysop            Discussions on conferencing
Consumables      Sysop            Conferences on drinkable and eatable things.
Cryptography     Rani             for discussions on cryptography
Cs_utilities     Sysop            Comments on TCHAT
Databases        Zappa            Databases and 4th gen languages
Dataparken       Veho             Dataparken, UiB's PC-butikk
Decus            Egilu            Digital Equipment Corp. User Group
Dhk              Odel             The hard core
Economics        Gefo             Personal & company economics
Edbskolen        Stha             EDB-skolens undervisningskonferanse
Electronics      Asea             Discussions on electronics
Environment      Sysop            Conference on environmental matters
Files            Leffen           Discussions on files on BBB
Gambling         Sysop            Sports & gambling
Games            Adder            Discussions on different computer games
Garbage          Rani             System garbage!
Ih               Ihadmin          Closed conf. for Informasjonshogskolen
International    Sysop            Conference for international users
Job_market       Zappa            Jobs and job applications
Jokes            Krienge          Jokes. You know, the funny stuff..
Kids             Opresno          KIDS project
Kreativ          Froru            Closed conf. for Datasekretariatet
Literature       Sysop            Books & magazines
Luni             Stein            The Luni club
Marketplace      Sysop            Selling/buying/swapping
Media            Sysop            Mass medias
Miljoeforum      Geira            Konferanse for Miljoeforum
Mips             Erni             MIPS A/S
Music            Zappa            This is where music is discussed
Nesna            Jotve            Closed conference for Nesna
Nets             Eigu             Privat konferanse for NETS
Ntnf             Ehaa             NTNF / MITS project conference
Oracle           Dadu             Oracle
Os               More             Operating system discussions
Owners           Egilu            Stockholders in BBB
Parapsychology   Asea             Conf. on ESP, UFO's & other
Politics         Egilu            Discussions on politics
Primus           More             Prime User Group
Programming      Tholo            Programming languages & tips
Raadet           Zappa            Internal discussions
Recreation       Sysop            Recreation conference
Roots            Jray             This is where we dig back to the 2nd century
Rvo              Kbraatane        Raadet for Videregaaende Opplaering
Rvofag           Jekeland         
Rvokurs          Vhammer          RVOkurs
Rvoskoler        Jcloumann        
Samliv           Janla            Forum for samlivsmuligheter
Schools          Froru            Conference on education
Science          Acorn            Conference for scientific information
Sigops           Sysop            Conference for conference chairmans
Simrad           Miked            Private conf. for Simrad Subsea A/S
Speakers         Olemann          Somewhere in Hyde Park? Isn't it?
Sport            Stilig           The sporty conference
Syh              Kbraatane        closed conference for SYH
Sysops           Sysop            A BBS SYSOP Center
System           Sysop            System conference for news & general messages
Tchat            Sysop            Tchat utility
Tele             Sysop            General tele-related discussions
Travels          Sysop            Discussions about travels
Under18          Krienge          For ungdom under 18 aar
Update           Sysop            BBB Update system
Users            Sysop            Users own conference
Vanda            Ahobaek          Miljoe og undervisning
Windows          Sysop            Discussions on Window Systems

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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