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Hewlett-Packard Calculator Bulletin Board

TELNET hpcvbbs.cv.hp.com

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               Welcome to HP Calculator Bulletin Board System.

      As a guest, you may read a selected set of conferences, but you 
      will not be allowed to post.  In addition, when you sign off all 
      record of your presence will be erased.

      To apply for a user id, you should type 'apply' at the main bbs 
      prompt.  You will then be asked for some information.  Once you 
      complete the form, you will be permitted bbs, file access.

       The HP Calculator Bulletin Board is available to you FREE of
       CHARGE "AS IS".  Hewlett-Packard makes no warranty expressed 
       or implied as to its performance.  HP specifically disclaims the 
       implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any 
       particular purpose.  HP shall not be liable for any direct, 
       indirect, special, incidental or consequential damage, whether 
       based on contractual, tort, or any other legal theory.  

       HP will not offer any special support concerning this material
       and grants no exclusivity to its use.  HP does not offer this as
       a product and does not commit to make this material available in
       the future as such.

       The HP Calculator Bulletin Board is a free service to allow for
       the exchange of software and information between HP calculator
       users, software developers and distributors.

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