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M-Net, America's *FIRST* Public Access UNIX System

TELNET hermes.merit.edu

Which Host?: um-m-net
MichNet login: newuser

I'd like to invite you into a VERY nice Public Access UNIX/Conferencing
System.  It's called M-Net and has been around since 1982 (soon to be
going on to our tenth year).  M-Net is an Altos 68020 running Altos'
port of UNIX Sys-III & is the HOME of PicoSpan Conferencing software.

We have over 200 Conferences to talk about anything from Travel to Sex,
Cooking to Driving, Flying to Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane,
in an almost real-time arena. There is SH, KSH, CSH, BBS & MENU shells
for every type of user. We have write/talk/xtalk/chat for those private
writes and PARTY for those who like to talk to everyone at once (much
like IRC with 5 different channels). Trust me, theres something for

The NICE thing here is that this "Public Access UNIX System" puts the
"Public Access" back onto YOUR terminal! After running the "newuser"
program at the login: prompt, you will be given a 100% ACTIVE account
right then (not in a day or two, when we can verify you).

                           *  M A I N   M E N U  *

        W). Who (who is on the system)          N). News (System wide)
        B). BBS (PicoSpan)                      C). Change Password
        M). Mail (Check your mail)              R). Run a Unix Program
        S). Send Mail                           F). File Utilities
        P). Party (M-Net's PARTY options)       O). Other MENUS
        G). Games (M-Net's Unix games)          U). Utilities (basic)
        A). Answer (Answer talk)                E). Exit menu system
        T). Talk (Talk to other users)          L). Logoff M-Net

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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