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Rutgers University

TELNET quartz.rutgers.edu

login: bbs
        Quartz BBS
    very temperamental
    Citadel/UX v3.01d

 New users simply enter a handle, or type "off" to disconnect.  

Welcome to QuartzBBS! 

 1. "Handles" (aliases) are certainly allowed.  That's what BBSes are for. 
 2. Don't post anything of illegal content.  It will be promptly deleted. 
    If further action is thought necessary it will be taken. 
 3. You will be asked for REAL NAME and address. Please fill this out. 
    You will have complete access on your first login, but bogus 
    registration information will cause you to lose access. 

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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