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SpaceMet Internet

TELNET spacemet.phast.umass.edu

Welcome to SpaceMet Internet!        spacemet.phast.umass.edu
Brought to you by
   Department of Physics and Astronomy,
      University of Massachusetts, Amherst
   Five Colleges, Inc.
   National Science Foundation

SYSOP (SYStem OPerator): Helen Sternheim  (413) 545-3697, 545-1908
We are running the Maximus bulletin board software.

Our system has three main sections.  You get to the sections by
making a selection from the main menu.

         MESSAGES     ... read/enter public/private messages
         FILES        ... get/receive software and other files
         CHANGE MENU  ... change your help-level etc

In the message section, you'll notice it's divided into several "areas".
You can think of a message area as a topic.

The file section is also divided into areas.  Think of the file section
as a big library of software grouped into several areas.

MAXIMUS provides GRAPHICS if your computer supports ANSI graphics.
(Apple II does NOT support ANSI graphics.)
  If you see a lot of garbage on screen, 
  Enter C for C)hange-User in the Main Menu
  Then  V for V)ideo,  T for TTY,  Q for Quit
HINT:  If you get lost in the system, try pressing "?".  The question 
       mark is your way of asking for help.  We should probably say "WHEN
       you get lost" because poking around in various corners of the system
       is half the fun.

MAXIMUS provides GRAPHICS if your computer supports ANSI graphics.
  If you see a lot of garbage on screen,
  Enter C for Change-User in the Main Menu, V for Video, T for TTY, Q for Quit

Message area

1  Local conversation    For Kids & Schools             K12Net
2  Sysop comments        10 Belchertown schools         D1 K12_ELE_CHAT
                         11 SpaceMet chat               D2 K12_JR_CHAT
   National echomail     14 Pen Pals, K-6 (regional)    D3 K12_SR_CHAT
5  Space                 15 Pen Pals, Jr. Hi (regional) E1 K12_ART_ED
12 Kids                  16 Space Science Exchange      E2 K12_BUS_ED
                         17 Northampton HS              E3 K12_COMP_LIT
18 LATINO                19 Chatnet (Schools)           E4 K12_HLTH_PE
21 Astronomy             20 STORY-Line (add Paragraph)  E5 K12_LANG_ART
22 Enviro                                               E6 K12_LIF_SKIL
23 Environ                  For teachers                E7 K12_MATH_ED
24 Physics               58 Teacher's Academy           E8 K12_MUSIC_ED
25 Science               59 Mass Math Initiative        E9 K12_NEWS
26 Educator              60 Eisenhower Directors        E0 K12_SCI_ED
27 Econet                61 Native American Experience  F1 K12_SOC_STUD
28 Library               62 Partners in Writing         F2 K12_SPEC_ED
30 Health Physics        63 Math                        F3 K12_TECH_ED
31 Apple                 64 Acid Rain/ChemCom           F4 K12_FRANCAIS
                         65 MESTEP Program              F5 K12_SPAN_ENG
                         66 MassCUE Members             F6 K12_GERM_ENG
35 Ecology               67 Telecomm. Practice Area     F7 K12_TAG
36 Home Schooling        68 CASEM Members               F8 K12_RUSSIAN   
                         69 Edu/Bio Research Groups
45 Indian Affairs                                       H2 K12.PROJECTS
                                                        H4 K12.TCH_CHAT
K12 Channels (Special Projects)
C0 K12.CH0   Project Coordination
C1 K12.CH1 Channel 1 CO2 Challenge  C7 K12.CH7 Channel 7
C2 K12.CH2 Channel 2 TOP TEN        C8 K12.CH8 Channel 8
C3 K12.CH3 Channel 3 Brown Bag Sci. C9 K12.CH9 Channel 9
C4 K12.CH4 Channel 4 Bill of Rights CA K12.CH10 Channel 10
C5 K12.CH5 Channel 5 SCI. Challenge CB K12.CH11 Channel 11 Global Village
C6 K12.CH6 Channel 6 8 Groups 5     CC K12.CH12 Channel 12 Weather

The FILES Section

INTERNET CALLERS NOTE:  Text files can by TYPED and captured.
Downloading files is only sometimes possible; uploading rarely works.
Try ZModem if your software has it; it seems to work best.

Text files                  Course Materials          Physics
 1 SpaceMet info, bbs lists  31 AppleWorks files       51 Bibliographies      
 2 Conferences, events       32 Astronomy              52 News              
 3 Space exploration         33 Biology, Health,       53 Reviews, software 
 4 Space Science                  Medicine                 lists         
 5 Project Information       34 Chemistry              54 Test Bank         
11 Acid rain, water quality  35 Computer Science       55 Worksheets        
12 Computers                 36 Course Management      56 Demos, labs, tips
14 Energy, radon, arms       37 Earth Science,         57 Software, IBM
15 U.S. Dept. of Ed.              Meteorology          58 Software, Apple
16 ERIC files                38 Foreign Languages      59 Software, Commodore
                             39 General Science  
20 Uploaded Files            40 Math and Statistics   For Teachers
                             41 Miscellaneous                                
Software, general            42 English                61 PSInet Files
 22 APPLE II                 43 Social sciences        64 Harbor Project
 24 IBM                      44 Space Science Ed       65 MESTEP (Interns)
                                                       66 MassCUE
                                                       68 Project Shine

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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