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Softwords: CoSy Conferencing System (British Columbia, Canada)

TELNET softwords.bc.ca

login: cosy
                          Conference Listings

*                   Research News and Updates
*                ****************************** 
o research       Research & Development 
c progs          Programmers Notes
c qt             Use and improvements of Quatrain
o flics          animation and simulation/ multi media
*               CoSy  Information and Directions  
*               **********************************      
o learn          CoSy Tutorial 
o questions      CoSy Questions answered here!
o bugs           Report Your CoSy Problems
c cosy_afternoon General Internal Discussion at Softwords
c solinet        Solinet  - CoSy contract
c cosy50         CoSy 5.0 Development Group
c codev          A conference for Codev members only
c stockton       customer support
o cosy_stats     Statistics on CoSy usage
c cosy_stats2    Statistics on closed/confidential CoSy usage
o cplive         CoSyPlus user comments and suggestions
c cosymaint      CoSy site maintenance
*               Conferences en Francais
*               ************************** 
o st.denis       Sunny afternoon French conversation on a sidewalk terrasse
*               Internal Conferences  
*               **********************  
c admin          Softwords Administration Issues 
c ec             EC Executive Committee
*                     General Information
*                ******************************
o uman           Unix System Management
*                       Entertainment
*               ******************************  
o lounge         Welcome to external users
o improv         Home of the Guffaws!! 
o reviews        CoSy Critiques the Arts!
o sports_screen  sports_screen
o restaurants    Review the best and worst of Vic's diners
o talk           Open line conversation conference - all subjects.
o recipes        share and exchange recipes
o twin_peaks     Concerning the show and state of mind known as TWIN PEAKS
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SPECIAL FUNCTIONS ////////////////////////////////
s calendar       Calendar of the present month
s joke           Humor
*                 New Conferences
o csit           Canadian Symposium on Instructional Technology
c 306b           Directed Study in Publishing - Jan-Apr 1992
o icde           organizing the bangkok conference
o cosytest       testing
o softypic       monthly informal gather of SRI personnel in the parking lot
o poker          Name says it all. Who gambles their life away?
o bangkok        The Bangkok Project: 1992. CMC and Distance Education.
c networks       Networks at SW
o eco            practical ecology in Victoria
o chat           talker
o world          REcession
o demo           Welcome    Welcome to the CoSyPlus demo
c gods           Gods and Others Guys
o books          new book releases by Beach Holme
c testing_conf   this is my test conference
c anita          general Discussion for Peter, Michael and Anita
o cosymac        A conference to discuss use of CoSy with Macintosh version
o xform          Xform: The TRANSFORM Conference for Trainers
o interzone      Technologies aiding inner-city survival
o train          OJT on Tools (Network, Word, Excel, Object VIsion, etc)
(o=open, c=closed)

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