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AfterFive BBS

TELNET moe.coe.uga.edu:9999

To connect to your existing character, type   "connect [name] [password]"
To create a new character, type               "create [name] [password]"

Our hours are from 5 pm until 8 am CST weekdays, and 24 hours on weekends. 

                        AfterFive BBS Help                                  

READING COMMANDS                MISC COMMANDS                                  
F     Read forward              Fortune  Your Fortune
L/P   Read last five/ten        C        Chat with other users (Bourbon St.)   
N     Read new                  W        See who is logged on 
O     Read old, backwards       QUIT     Terminate (Must be in all CAPS)       
R     Read reverse              TIME     See the time and date
#     Read last X messages      @password old = new  Change your password      
news  Read the news             @lastlog [name] When was name last logged on
help  This screen               config   Toggle message scrolling
info  Fetch information files   @whereis Locate a user in the DataBase
ROOM COMMANDS                       MAIL COMMANDS
S  Skips current room               @mail       Check your mail                
U  Ungoto (returns to last room)    @read       Read your mail
D  Read room description            @delete     Delete your mail               
Z  Zap (forget) room  Zapall        @renum      Renumber your mail
K  List of Known Rooms              @send       Send mail                      
E  Enter message                    @alias      Set a name/mail alias 
G  Goto next room                   @unalias    Remove your alias              
J  Jump ANY room                    @showalias  Shows player aliases
LZ List Zapped room list            page        page #help for more info       

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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