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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
Archive date: September 4, 1997 History of Hytelnet

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Karl's Cafe / AKCS Public Access Site

TELNET gateway.mcs.com

Gateway.MCS.COM login: mcsnet
login: akcs
o Shell and full system access are available only to system
  Full system access includes:
 o Full Usenet access, an international "BBS" of sorts with over 1200
   discussion topics and 8 Megabytes of new information a day!
 o Access to file storage, "C" source code archives, and online games.
 o Access to offsite Electronic Mail.
 o Unlimited time.
 o Access to our "C" compiler language library.
 o In short, use of the entire UNIX system underlying this BBS.
 You may also choose to sign up for FULL INTERNET Access if you wish.
 You will automatically be mailed a copy of the subscription form,
 terms of access, and additional information a few days after you
 sign up here.  It will be sent via POSTAL MAIL.
 *  = Linked conference
 +  = Discussion base (join to see groups under base)
Conference name         Description
* newuser                New User discussions
  general                MCSNet General Discussions
* net                    Network General Conference
* unix                   Questions and answers about the Unix
* flame                  Flame (complaint) Conference.  Warnin
* forsale                Items for sale and wanted to buy
* humor                  Funny items (One-way gated
* madnet                 Discussions about human behavior
* techie                 Technical Discussions
  usenet                 Discussions concerning the Usenet at
* alt.bbs                Bbs discussion group (linked w/Usenet
* alt.greatlakes         Usenet gateway; great lakes spots
* alt.cosuard            Sysops & Telephone Company discussion
* biz.hardware           Computer Hardware - Commercial
* biz.misc               Miscellaneous Commercial Postings
* biz.services           Computer Services - Commercial
* biz.software           Computer Software - Commercial
* chi.eats               Chicago Eateries (Usenet linked)
* chi.general            General Chicago Discussions (Usenet l
* chi.mail               Chicago area Email discussions (Usene
* comp.amiga             Amiga Discussions (Usenet linked)
* chi.wanted
* chi.places             Chicago places (Usenet Linked)
* comp.dcom.telecom      Telecommunications discussion (mod)
* comp.ibmpc             IBM-PC discussion group, (linked w/Us
* comp.unix.xenix        SCO Xenix discussions (Usenet gated)
* rec.models.rc          RC planes & choppers
* misc.kids              Kids conference (to/from Usenet)
* soc.couples            Soc.couples (gated to/from Usenet)
* soc.motss              Discussions about Gay & Lesbian issue
* soc.singles            Single people discussions (Usenet lin
* soc.women              Soc.women from Usenet (warning: high
* talk.guns              Gun (2nd ammendment) discussions [Use
  dl.ibmpc               Downloads for the IBM PC
  dl.unix                Download files for Unix machines
  dl.commodore           Commodore 64 & 128 downloads
  uploads                Uploaded files for distribution
+ comp                   Computer-related Usenet Confs.
+ dl                     Download areas
+ biz                    Commercial Postings
+ chi                    Chicago Conferences
+ alt                    Alternate Usenet newsgroups
+ soc                    Social topics (Usenet conference base
  test                   Test conference
* religion               Religion conference, discussions
* comp.org.eff.talk      Electronic Frontier issues
* talk.religion.newage   "New Age" religions - non-christian
* alt.pagan              Pagan religions and practices
* misc.jobs              Usenet miscellaneous job group
* alt.religion.sabaean   Sabaean Religious Discussions

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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