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International Education Bulletin Board

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                           International Education
                                 Main Menu
                [1]  General Information
                [2]  CSU Policies, Programs and Information
                [3]  U.S. Government Programs and Information
                [4]  International Education Grants & Resources
                [5]  International Education Bibliographies
                [6]  Comments to Bulletin Board Manager
The International Education Bulletin Board was established at the
suggestion of many faculty and administrators who are associated with
international education.  The availability of program listings,
resources, contact individuals and governmental information will enable
campuses to have information "at their fingertips," and will enhance the
ability to expand on-campus programming.
CSU campuses can access IE resources, information and data on staffing,
programs, and materials that relate to international education.  Various
menus have been established to assist in finding statistics, programs,
fiscal resources, print resources, contractor resources (study abroad
programming, insurance, travel services, etc.).  The section under U.S.
Government also includes information on State Department Travel
Advisories, Visa Information and advising centers. The final menu allows
the user to send comments to the Bulletin Board Manager and to others
who may use the service.  Feel free to communicate via this menu.

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