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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
Archive date: September 4, 1997 History of Hytelnet

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Santa Fe Institute Bulletin Board System

TELNET bbs.santafe.edu

Login: bbs
The ``bbs'' login will provide a minimal environment that is necessary
to access the information the Institute wishes to make available.
Additionally, this system provides a method of acquiring a UNIX account.
This UNIX account will provide a private ID that may be used with
services such as electronic mail (email) and network news (usenet). This
system is connected to the Internet.  At this time, all use of this BBS
is FREE OF CHARGE.  It is possible to access and use other Internet
based services.  Unless otherwise noted, these services should be free
of charge as well.
  BBS - Bulletin Board System:
  ( 00) last menu       - BBS alias.  Return to last directory/menu.
  (  0) menu            - BBS alias.  Display current menu.
  (  1) bbs             - BBS alias.  Go to main BBS area/menu.
  (  2) Introduction    - Introduction to the Santa Fe Institute BBS.
  (  3) Usage           - BBS commands and usage.
  (  4) Rules           - BBS rules, regulations and guidelines.
  (  5) Current MOTD    - Current MOTD (Message Of The Day)
  (  6) Previous MOTDs  - Browse the old MOTDs.
  (  7) Feedback        - Send mail to
  (  8) Short           - BBS command summary (80x24).
  (  9) Long            - BBS command summary (80x66).
  ( 10) Commands        - BBS frequently used commands.
  ( 11) Questions       - SFIBBS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  ( 12) CSH Manual      - C Shell manual (TCSH basis).
  ( 13) TCSH Manual     - T Shell enhancements over CSH.
  ( 14) Configure       - Configure your login.
  (sfi) SFI             - Display big letter SFI banner.
  (411) Information     - Information.
  (911) EMERGENCY!      - EMERGENCY!

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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