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CAPPnet: California Academic Partnership Program

TELNET nis.calstate.edu

login: capp
Password: Press RETURN

                                Main Menu
           [a] Description of the California Academic Partnership Program
           [b] List of Currently Funded Partnerships
           [c] Bulletin Board:  Curriculum & Demonstration Projects
           [d] Bulletin Board:  Planning Grant Projects
           [e] Bulletin Board:  CAPP Advisory Committee
           [f] Bulletin Board:  Math Diagnostic Tesing Project (MDTP)
           [g] CAPP Grant Alerts
           [h] Calendar of Upcoming Events              
  [i] Email (PINE full screen)          [n] Outside Services
  [j] Email (EIS 2.1 line mode)         [o] Request a CAPPnet Account
  [k] Information on Using CAPPnet      [r] Change your password
  [l] Directory of Users                [s] Upload/Download Menus

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