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University of Illinois Division of Environmental Health and Safety BBS

TELNET romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu:3000

The University of Illinois Division of Environmental Health and Safety
maintains a large collection of Material Safety Data sheets.  Part of
the collection (approximately 26,000 MSDS's) is maintained in paper
files at the Division headquarters located at 101 South Gregory St.,
Urbana, Illinois.  The paper collection is constantly updated as new or
more current MSDS's are received from manufacturers and suppliers.  Each
MSDS, is assigned a unique serial number uppon arrival.  These numbers
are referred to as DEHS ID numbers or DEHSID's.  A file listing the
dehsid, the chemical name and the supplier for each of these MSDS's is
maintained on-line.  It is accessible through this BBS at the MSDS MENU.

In addition to the paper file, the Division also maintains a file
containing approximately 86,000 MSDS in the form of a database which is
also directly accessible through this BBS.  This database consists of a
collection which is distributed quarterly by the Canadian Centre for
Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).  The CCOHS is a non-profit
organization dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy environment by
providing information about occupational health and safety.  The
information contained in the CCOHS database is contributed directly to
CCOHS by manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products.

The MSDS's in the CCOHS database are in English and/or French, as
supplied by the contributors.  They contain basic information on the
properties and potential hazards of chemical products, how to use them
safely, and what to do if there is an emergency.

The MSDS MENU allows you to simultaneously search the index of all of
the paper MSDS's contained in our files as well as the MSDS's obtained
on a quarterly basis from CCOHS.  As you search the index, you will
notice that some of the dehsid's start with the letter "T".  These
represent MSDS which you may directly look at in their entirety on-line.

This program will eventually be used for accessing many information
sources in the Division of Environmental Health and Safety.  It is
currently being developed, so please keep in mind that some things will
not work correctly.

If you encounter any difficulties in using this BBS, or if you wish to
make suggestions you may contact Hector Mandel

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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