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Shadow BBS

TELNET shadow.acc.iit.edu

login: bbs
                        Welcome to Shadow BBS!!
          Located at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

Lobby>             VAX VMS>           Unix>              Pascal>            
Cee>               Cplusplus>         Programming>       BBS Suggestions>   
ChitChat>          Dutch>             Bugs And Complaints>                  
Hack And Crack>    Electronics>       Room Suggestions>  Confessions>       
PC And Clones>     Macintosh>         Music>             Internet>          
Sports>            Amiga>             Mudding>           NeXT>              
LDRs>              Security>          ComputersforDummies>                  
Cyberspace>        Video Games>       FTP FSP Archie>    Funny Firm>        
Pol Incorrect>     New Users>         Deep Summer Break Thoughts>           
SF And Fantasy Stuff>                 Ongoing Story>     Travel>            
Sex Discussion>    Greek Life>        Polls>             Artificial Life>   
HobbiesVille>      Gaming>            Graphics>          Careers>           
Hardware>          Computer Comparison>                  Compliments>       
Food And Beverages>Politics>          News And Media>    Swap O Rama>       

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