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Texas Cancer Data Center

TELNET txcancer.mda.uth.tmc.edu

Username: TCDC

     The  Texas Cancer Data Center is funded by the  Texas Cancer Council
     as  a  component of the  Texas Cancer Plan  to provide  computerized
     information on cancer demographics, resources, services and programs
     to all who  plan, develop,  fund, provide,  need, and/or use  cancer
     resources in Texas.
                                   MAIN MENU
     1   Health Professionals
     2   Health Facilities and Services
     3   Continuing Care Services (Discharge Planning)
     4   Population and Cancer Deaths
     5   Bulletin Board (Read Only)   ***NEW FORMAT
     6   Texas Cancer Council Projects
     7   Statistical Topics
     8   Community Resources
     9   TCDC Assistance *** New Fact Sheet Information ***

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