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Electric Ideas Clearinghouse bulletin board system (EICBBS)

TELNET eicbbs.wseo.wa.gov

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The Electric Ideas Clearinghouse Bulletin Board was placed on line in
March 1990 to serve utilities and energy professionals in the Pacific
Northwest serviced by BPA, (Bonneville Power Administration). It has
recently been expanded to include the 13 states serviced by WESTERN,
(Western Area Power Administration). The EICBBS provides a mechanism for
fast and easy information transfer and serves as a central repository of
information on all types of energy efficiency in the commercial and
industrial sectors. Though the name may indicate otherwise, the service
includes information on all fuel sources.

Call 206/956-2237 for additional information, or contact Curtis Framel,
Clearinghouse Manager at curfra@wseo.wa.gov

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