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KQED Learning Link

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                              Welcome to
                           KQED LEARNING LINK (tm)

KQED Learning Link is an electronic information and communication
service provided by public television station KQED in San Francisco, in
partnership with the Science Education Academy of the Bay Area (SEABA),
and Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development.

By facilitating communication between and among education professionals,
KQED Learning Link helps teachers:

* make better use of educational technologies such as computers and

* locate available resources, including online databases, professional
  development opportunities, classroom lessons and activities and news
  related to public broadcasting;

* learn how to integrate technology resources into the curriculum and
  implement them in the classroom;

* network with other educators for enrichment, lesson planning and
  curriculum sharing;

* develop classroom projects with other schools.

In the near future, KQED Learning Link will offer a Student Service that
offers classrooms and individual students the opportunity to exchange
messages via electronic mail, discussion groups and bulletin boards.
Also, the Student Service will contain resources for students such as a
database of colleges and universities, science clubs and activities and
local cultural arts opportunities.

KQED Learning Link is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You
can access KQED Learning Link from any personal computer equipped with
communications software and a modem connected to a telephone line. End
users may dial directly to KQED Learning Link or access the service from
CORE-California Online Resources for Education. More information on CORE
can be obtained from the California Technology Project at

KQED Learning Link is part of the KQED Center for Education and Lifelong
Learning. Additional information can be obtained by writing email to
KQED LL Staff or by contacting: KQED Learning Link, CELL, 2601 Mariposa
St., San Francisco, CA 94110. Telephone: (415) 553-2476.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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