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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
Archive date: September 4, 1997 History of Hytelnet

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TELNET scilink.org

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SciLink maintains a series of group discussions on the computer.  Group 
discussions are called "items" -- and their appended "responses."  You 
can also exchange private messages (e-mail) with other persons who use 
the SciLink system.

SciLink Basic Menu
  1 - List all new material          6 - See info on other persons
  2 - Read or send private messages  7 - Modify your preferences
  3 - Read responses                 8 - Go to another conference
  4 - Read items                     9 - HELP
  5 - Add a response or an item      0 - QUIT

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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