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JASON ONLINE: Bulletin Board and E-mail systems

TELNET topcat.bsc.mass.edu

Username: JASON
Password: guest

JASON ONLINE, a computer mediated communication (CMC) system, is an
integral component of a comprehensive, national teacher in-service
training program administered by the JASON Foundation for Education and
sponsored through the Eisenhower National Program for Mathematics and
Science Education, United States Department of Education.

JASON ONLINE is designed to introduce teachers to the world of
telecommunicating and to provide additional resources such as classroom
tips, lesson ideas, and online support for teachers using the JASON
Project and the JASON curriculum.  JASON ONLINE provides teachers with
two services or tools:

 1)  JASON E-MAIL SYSTEM -- a network linking teachers around the world
     with other computer users, including scientists, teachers, and

 2)  JASON BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM -- a forum for teachers to share ideas
     such as classroom tips, lesson ideas, and updated information on
     JASON expeditions.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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