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GREX: Cyberspace Communications

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Grex is a public-access computer conferencing system in Ann Arbor,
Michigan, USA. It is cooperatively owned and operated, and is supported
entirely by donations from users. All staff members are volunteers.

What services does Grex provide?

     * Electronic conferencing using PicoSpan
     * Internet e-mail
     * Usenet news
     * internet services such as telnet, ftp, and gopher
     * On-line games, including Nethack
     * Access to a Unix shell account, with all standard commands
     * Access to the C compiler, assembler, and other development tools

Unlike many other systems with which you may be familiar, there is no
mandatory fee to use Grex. However, frequent users and people who wish
to support the system are encouraged to become members, at the rate of
$60/year or $6/month. Grex members are allowed to vote in Grex
elections, and can post articles to Usenet. (All Grex users are allowed
to read Usenet news.) Grex members are also allowed to connect to other
machines through our Internet connection.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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