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Federal Bulletin Board U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO)

TELNET federal.bbs.gpo.gov:3001

The Federal Bulletin Board is a service of the U.S. Government Printing
Office (GPO).  This bulletin board service enables Federal agencies to
provide the public with immediate, self-service access to Government
information in electronic form at reasonable rates.

H - What's New and HOT!                            I - Information Center

                      THE FEDERAL BULLETIN BOARD
                              MAIN MENU


 1 - Order Products from GPO         A - Free Information
 2 - Electronic Mail                 B - Congressional Information
 3 - Account/Registry Information    C - Federal Register/CFR & Related
 4 - GO TO...                        D - Federal Agencies
 5 - Forums/SIG's                    E - Supreme Court & Federal Courts
 6 - File Library System             F - Subject Categories  ** NEW **
 7 - Administrative Maintenance      G - Federal Depository Library Files
                                     S - Search for Files
 X - EXIT (Logoff the Board)         T - Today's Files

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