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Federal Highway Administration Electronic Bulletin Board System


Hit RETURN when connected and fill in your name

MAIN MENU * FEBBS : Federal Highway Electronic Bulletin Board System
[G]oodbye   [U]ser Profile: password,terminal characteristics  [/] Chat
[R]egister    -   a MUST for NEW USERS
[B]ulletins   ... general information  &  notices of new features
[I]nfo        ... System Information and Help Files
[O]pen Forum  ... Public Messages & Discussions of FHWA Activities
[T]ech Talk  ...  Public Discussions about Computers & Related Topics

            The System Operators (SYSOPs) for FEBBS are ...
                  Donna Avallone  (voice) 202-366-9037
                  Carl Shea       (voice) 202-366-9022

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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